Sunday, March 21, 2010

A question of priorities in the People's Republic

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Couldn't help but notice on the 2nd tier "gray area"--meaning possible restoration with an Override and unexpected state aid--sits the $61,092 LSSE "Customer Assistant Registrar."

Gotta wonder how that makes the average cop or firefighter feel when they make less than that--not to mention classroom teachers or DPW laborers.

And notice all the Cherry Hill Golf Course was willing to give up is $7,600 in Maintenance/Equipment/Supplies (must be those savings garnered from using convict labor.) But even then their Operation budget is up 2.6% next year while the Police budget is up less than 1%.

And while town officials keep trumpeting how the LSSE Recreation Empire is almost break even, like the Golf Course, they do not tell you that those figures ignore the employee benefits and health insurance costs. ($200,000 next year.)

And of course Capital items are also not included (and LSSE has a quite a fleet of trucks and vans.)


Anonymous said...

"...the LSSE "Customer Assistant Registrar" at $61,092. Gotta wonder how that makes the average cop or firefighter feel when they make less than that (not to mention classroom teachers or DPW laborers.)"

Larry, the cuts list you scanned puts two Fire/EMS positions at $169,799 and one Police position at $89,976. How does that translate to less than the $61,092 LSSE position? Also, don't these numbers include the benefit package? It would seem they would have to, otherwise where would the money come from to fund them?

LarryK4 said...

By "less than that" I was talking individual salary. The average cop or firefighter does not make $62-K per year.

LarryK4 said...

Oh, now I see what your saying. Good question. Yeah, the police and fire restorations list definitely includes benefits.

I don't think the $62-K LSSE Assistant Registrar figure does.

But hey, it's Sunday, so I probably cannot get an answer from a town official today.

Anonymous said...

without an override you couldn't get an answer from a town official for more than just the weekend. more town offices with less hours for sure.

LarryK4 said...

A price I'm certainly willing to pay (or should I say not pay?)

Ed said...

The average cop or firefighter does not make $62-K per year.

Yes, he does! Benefits are a form of compensation - and in Maine the public employees have the amount paid on their behalf for their benefits listed as a line item on their pay stubs.

I think that the Town of Amherst should print the amount paid for benefits on each and every pay stub. The town knows, and it should be put there - I think that a lot of teachers who will be truly surprised to learn what they actually are being paid.

And there is a lot to be said for paying all the compensation to the employee in cash and letting the employee sort out how it gets spent. It isn't like the town isn't giving them that money in the first place.

Oh, and teachers - multiply your salary by about 1.34 and you will see what I mean, state benefits usually run about a third of salary.

Anonymous said...

For the life of me I cannot figure out why Ed hates teachers so much. Isn't he in the education field? Is he just jealous? Is he still in school because no one will hire him because he is such a buffoon?

Anonymous said...

Why would the Cop, Fire/EMS line items include benefits and LSSE not? Unless the LSSE position is not benefited, which I doubt. Lets at least be consistent in our assumptions. If the cop position pays $89,986 and LSSE 61,092 then the cop is getting compensated close to $29,000 more than the LSSE registrar, which doesn't sound out of whack to me.

LarryK4 said...

Yeah, and in the normal world outside the bubble we know and love as the People's Republic of Amherst that would be true.

Anonymous said...

Larry, the bubble that you like to paint The People's Republic as being has popped. Which is why you're having to scratch so futilely in search of justification for voting no on Tuesday. We really have tightened our belt. We really are poised to realize greater tax revenue from pending economic development opportunities. We really have gotten the health care trust fund under control. We really have learned from past mistakes regarding overly inflated COLAs. You could be the white knight taking credit where credit is due for all of this, instead of continuing to sing the same sorry old song, the tune of which no longer rings true.

LarryK4 said...

I love your use of the term "we".

Anonymous said...

"the bubble WE know and love"

Just following your lead oh noble one!

Anonymous said...

Hey Larry -

Could you tell us what fleet of trucks and vans LSSE has? I just don't know and I'd like to find out. I seem to remember something about a new van a couple years ago and a yellow truck that sure looked like it was in a rollover wreck.


Anonymous said...

and this is the exciting amherst blog?