Monday, March 22, 2010

Prime location promo

Wow, the town must really be taking this election seriously as the red reminder to "VOTE tomorrow" displaced the cute Cherry Hill Golf Course logo on the town's main web page.


Anonymous said...

Amherst firefighters' union backs tax-cap override

AMHERST - Potential loss of personnel at the Fire Department is prompting the union representing the career firefighters to formally advocate in favor of passing the $1.68 million Proposition 2½ override Tuesday.

Stephen Gaughan, president of the 44-member Local 1764, said Friday that the union, which gave up $120,000 in cost-of-living adjustments in its contract in February and made concessions in its health plans, is asking residents to help ensure its stability going forward.

"We look at this and say, #This potential reduction puts citizens and firefighters at risk because our staffing levels are already dangerously low,'" Gaughan said.

Though two positions at a cost of $162,799, $6,000 for training and $2,000 for protective clothing are no longer to be cut, based on a list of items to be restored to the town manager's proposed $18.6 million budget, Gaughan remain concerned.

"We are grateful we are the top priority for restoration, but with that we're still on the block," Gaughan said.

He observed that last year's budget was cut in the middle of the year, forcing a reduction in overtime.

LarryK4 said...

Key phrase, "no longer to be cut."

AFD Chief Keith Hoyle supported the Override three years ago even after the Town Manager had to back off and take the 5 firefighters hired with the Federal Grant off the cut list.

Craig said...

Firefighters, police officers, janitors, DPW workers,why is it always the lowest paid people getting cut? Wake up Amherst, you need these people. You do not need overpaid school admins., you do not need a public golf course, you do not need public pools. You do not need an override. You need to get your priority's straight! How long are you going to contiue to live beyond your means?

Anonymous said...

this is the best you can do the day before the election?

Anonymous said...

Hey Larry, any truth to the rumor that their union didn't even vote to back the override?