Friday, March 19, 2010

Override ruminations

Override passes
Override fails

So yeah, I have trouble sleeping at night being the big meanie I am. Maybe that lead to the late night visit from the 'Ghost of Christmas Future' who showed me the two possible scenarios for the average homeowner after the March 23 Override vote.


Ed said...

I think this is perhaps the best way of explaining it all.

Amherst is like a meth addict, always trying to get more, at any cost, and not caring as to the consequences.

It is time to JUST SAY NO!

(BTW - is there anything in the MA law that precludes the town from calculating the higher rate on tax bills and giving those who want to pay more the option of paying the higher rate, like is done on the state income tax?)

LarryK4 said...

Yeah, I tried to keep it simply like that famous "this is your brain on drugs" sizzling egg ad.

kevin said...

Dear Larry,

With 3/23 looming on the horizon, I want to say that I have enjoyed working with you. I admire what you have accomplished and Amherst is better for it.

I came out of retirement to work on this election because a friend asked me to and I reluctantly agreed. I hate these... projects, I hate what they require of me, and I hate myself. When it is over, it takes six weeks to recover, physically. Financially, forget it, very expensive.

I am looking forward to my quiet basement and retirement, hanging with the kids, again. They have been very patient.

I think I read that you are seven years into the blog. I find that these things last about ten years; and, then, burn out occurs and I self-destruct. Knowing that, I plan on winding down and passing it on. Around year seven, I start looking for the door. Speaking as your friend, Larry, may I suggest that, perhaps, it is time for you to start looking for the door?

Retirement is great. I mean, you can always do another one. But retirement is great. Join me, when you're ready.

Cheers and beers,

Kevin Collins


LarryK4 said...

Actually my friend it has been--as of St. Patty's Day--exactly three years for this blog (only seems longer to folks like yourself.)

At times I certainly feel like a satellite in a decaying orbit, but I have been doing THIS type of activism for just over thirty years--only a tad longer then running a small business in town (28 years.)

So this blog ain't going anywere.

Besides, when this 3/23 Override flames out like Skylab, Town Meeting will simply come back with another one late this Spring early Summer.

Concerned and Worried said...

I'm concerned. I think there are a whole lot more pro-override signs than those against. As I drive around town, I'm getting worried about Tuesday's election. Should I be?

LarryK4 said...

The only thing to fear is, ummm, overconfidence. So you put me in a weird position.

I think the Override, as it should, will fail. But I'm not getting cocky.

First rule of Martial Arts: never underestimate your opponent. And they did pick up (for whatever it is worth) the Bricks-and-Mortar editorial support of the geezer Gazette and Amherst Bully.

Still Concerned said...

I dont know there is an awful lot of vote yes for amherst signs... and they seem pretty well distributed. Are we getting more NO MORE OVERRIDES signs before Tuesday? I hope so...

LarryK4 said...

Newspapers editorials supported Dewey over Truman by a monumental margin. But, look who won that election.

Anonymous said...

Golly, this is tough.

Who do I want most to see crying in their beer: Larry Kelley and Stan Gawle or Baer Tierkel, Andy Churchill, Kevin Collins, and Mark Jackson?

Never have I seen two sides of a political contest work so hard to create a rooting interest against both.

Get that industrial strength-sized clothespin, affix it to your nose, and get out and vote!