Wednesday, March 24, 2010

No way to start the day

A truck stalled in the middle of a busy intersection on Rt. 116 around 7:45 AM


kevin said...


Certainly a comment on what lies ahead, Larry.

We will all have to push together to get that truck called 'town government' moving, from blocking the road that we, every on of us, drive every day.

You should see Pine Street. Imagine driving up that hill -- and seeing a gas tanker truck coming at you, dodging pot holes.

Trade you.



TCC said...

Imagine having to be the trucker that drives the Big Rig on those narrow, pot-holed filled streets ... (speaking as a trucker's wife)

No bad economic times in Amherst, passing overrides and all? :<

Mountain Biker said...

You call these things we drive on streets? I ride and race mountain bikes, and I have ridden on trails in the middle of the woods that are in better shape than roads in Amherst. When you compare what people in Amherst pay in taxes to what they really get, it's pretty shameful!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info...
I turned around in your driveway to reverse direction when I noticed the problem (assumed it was an accident)

It was just the start of a crazy and never ending day at my low paying social service job.