Saturday, May 24, 2008

South Hadley Town Center

2:15 PM. Yep, that looks like Ms. Awad to me. Would you spend Memorial Day weekend Saturday afternoon landscaping property that you don't intend to make your home?


O'Reilly said...

Isn't it clear? Awad bought the property to have a garden. Their condo in Amherst doesn't accommodate gardens. Bwaa ha ha what a joke.

Did you notice this line from their letter in the Amherst Bulletin?

"We are legal residents of Amherst."

Note the adjective "legal" used to modify the declaration "We are residents of Amherst." That's the key. They can't honestly claim they are residents of Amherst because they are not. Who do they think they're fooling, a bunch of chumps? Does Awad really think the residents she represents are rubes?

Because they do not plan to change their voter registration to South Hadley. The believe they can declare themselves "legal residents" of Amherst even as they move all their possessions to the home in South Hadley and lay their heads down at that home - the one in South Hadley - everyday after the sun sets.

If the town of Amherst is going to rely on the legal opinion of town counsel (and I have not heard one town manager or select board member raise it as a concern yet), then town counsel should commit the opinion to writing and make it available for review.

Imagine how outraged Awad and Hubley would be if George Bush had his legal counsel, say John Yoo, in the Office of Legal Council in the Department of Justice devise a legal opinion but not commit it to writing or make it classified so as to obstruct public review. Say for example, the opinion justified torture or the suspension of habeas corpus. My god, we'd never hear the end of it from Awad. But when when it suits her, she refuses to answer a direct question with a direct answer and instead, declares her love for Amherst... Darn, if that doesn't sound just like George W. Bush. Oh the arrogance of power. Can we impeach her?

LarryK4 said...

No, unfortunately Amherst Town Government Act does not have a recall provision. We tried it about 15 years ago and the bill did not make it through Town Meeting.

Anonymous said...

Am currently in the library at AC. There was just a low level jet flyover. The building was actually shaking.

Memorial Day (weekend) no doubt. Your doing, I take it.

Terry Franklin

LarryK4 said...

No, wish I could take credit for it but it's just one of those usual things that occur on or around Memorial Day.

In Ct. they are using helicopters because Massachusetts has taken away the F-15's after the A-10 Warthogs were decommissioned.

But yeah, I have arranged for them (the F-15’s) to do a flyover on July 4’Th.

Robert said...

Here is the Letter to the Editor that I sent in to the Bulletin Sunday Night. Couldn't resist giving Larry's blog a little plug with all the investigative bike riding he's been doing with this.
Good job Larry, glad to see your on the case, even though it seems quiet everywhere else.

Yes or No?

Shame on Ms. Awad and Mr. Hubley for their comments regarding the Bulletin’s coverage of their residency status. They seem to believe that as elected officials being open and honest is an imposition instead of a responsibility they have to the voters.

Ms. Awad states, “Other town officials have resigned without being excoriated in the press.” She’s right. Carl Seppala, a former Select Board member, bought a house out of town and was completely open about his situation. No one appeared to have a problem with this except for Ms. Awad. Before he had physically changed residence, (the same situation, which Ms. Awad is in now) he was forced from his seat on the Joint Capital Planning Committee because of his planned change in residence, by the Select Board, which was chaired by Ms. Awad. She then replaced Mr. Seppala with Robie Hubley, with whom she was engaged in a then undisclosed relationship. Apparently, the standards Ms. Awad expects of others do not apply to her. Ms. Awad also erroneously states that the questions posed by the Bulletin and citizens of this town are a “violation of privacy.” This situation could affect her eligibility to serve on the Select Board. We, as voters, have every right to expect her to be open about her intentions.

The facts are as follows: Ms. Awad bought a house in South Hadley . According to a copy of the mortgage for Ms. Awad’s house in South Hadley, posted on the website “Only in the Republic of Amherst”, the mortgage Ms. Awad and Mr. Hubley have signed includes a clause that requires the signed parties to “occupy, establish and use” the property as their principle residence within sixty days after signing this mortgage. The date they must do this by is June 10, 2008 . Also, her condominium in Amherst is up for sale. Ms. Awad should know from her personal experience that officials should be open and forthcoming when their actions affect their elected office. Since Ms. Awad does not appear to be willing to trust the residents of Amherst with an honest answer in this situation, I would like to call on the other members of the Select Board, whose first loyalty should be to the residents that elected them and not to Ms. Awad, to assist in obtaining a straight answer. Following the letter of the law is not enough. More importantly, elected officials should strive to follow the spirit of the law. So please, Ms. Awad, no more vague answers. We, the RESIDENTS of Amherst would like to know. Are you staying or going? A simple yes or no will do.

Robert Phillips

LarryK4 said...

Hey Robert,

Of course by plugging my blog you run the risk of having the crusty old Bulletin spike your letter.

But then, since Ms. Awad and Mr. Hubley attacked the Bulletin, maybe they will put aside their petty differences with the blogesphere.