Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Pounding continues...

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So Bully for the Bulletin for continuing to question this sad story of aging, arrogant, political has-beens who desperately cling to their “power.”

The first thing I learned in Journalism 25 years ago (News writing and Reporting 101 at Umass) is always check the spelling of a source name. Although most readers will not notice a misspelled name the person you interviewed sure will and they will wonder what else you screwed up.

And the second thing I learned--even more important--was NEVER LIE TO A REPORTER!

At this point (with the Registry of Deed’s office still showing no change in the Declaration of Homestead being South Hadley) I’m starting to question the couple’s sanity.

Unfortunately, the Amherst Town Government Act does not have a provision requiring town officials undergo psychiatric review.


Bernie Notes said...

I love Awad Watch!

LarryK4 said...

As that famous line from a forty-year-old song, quoting a famous TV show goes:
“Well, this is just a little Peyton Place and you're all Harper Valley hypocrites”

Tomorrow’s article in the Springfield Republican should go a L-O-N-G way towards bringing this soap opera to a close.

Anonymous said...

I think you asked someone in the Atty. Generals office to check into whether Anne was violating the law. I didn't know if you would want to forward the below information and have it checked to see if this applies to Awad-gate. The important part is the last few lines.

Chapter 41: Section 109. Resignation; notice; residence requirements

Section 109. No resignation of a town or district officer shall be deemed effective unless and until such resignation is filed with the town or district clerk or such later time certain as may be specified in such resignation. Upon receipt of a resignation the clerk shall notify the remaining members, if the resignation is received from a board of two or more members, and he shall further notify the executive officers of the town or district and such notification shall include the effective date of the resignation. Unless otherwise provided by general or special law, ordinance or by-law, a person need not, in order to accept appointment to a public office in a town or district, be a resident of such town or district; provided, however, that if an appointed town or district officer is required to become a resident within a period of time specified at the time of his appointment by the board or officer making the appointment but fails to do so within the time specified, or if an elected or appointed town or district officer removes from the town or district in which he holds his office, he shall be deemed to have vacated his office.

LarryK4 said...

Thanks! I will most definitely forward that to the AG next week.

I'm off to Colorado tomorrow for a few days, so I may not get to post--but rest assured I'm locked and loaded on this couple. The end is very near.

Anonymous said...

The interesting question is this: at what time will the bottom fall out of this. Not just Awad but all of it.

A generation ago, people thought that the tool & die industry would last forever. Who ever thought that the Belchertown State School would be closed? Who would have thought that China would become what it has?

Amherst has already changed and not told anyone -- there no longer is a grocery store in Amherst, no longer a hardware store (although Cowl's lumber sorta is one), and the only auto parts store left is literally a stone's throw from the Hadley line.

Amherst is increasingly becoming a mecca for welfare people. Lost in the concerns about UMass students are the multiple children of these single mothers who are every bit as criminal, every bit as disruptive and every bit as much a concern.

The interesting thing is that as you get toward an increasing number of subsidized tenants (who don't care what their rents are) you will start seeing tax increases voted through, along with 21/2 overrides.

It will be interesting....