Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Enough is Enough!

Okay, so here is my uniform for Amherst Town Meeting this evening. And yeah, I sit directly in front of Anne Awad. If the Moderator has me arrested, I will sell "Free Blogger Kelley" T-shirts to make bail.

UPDATE: 10:15 PM. No I didn't get arrested; but then, the Moderator went WAY out of his way (as opposed to the normal just going out of his way) to avoid calling on me for anything, thus I could not stand up and display my nifty shirt (maybe I'll do a print run of 100 and hand them out at the next Town Meeting). But Town Meeting has a few nights left and it's my official uniform until we dissolve--although I did promise Stan Gawle, who sits next to me, that I would wash it.


Sammy Jo said...

Go get 'em Larry!

I'll buy one of those t-shirts if necessary. ;-)

LarryK4 said...

Well, as my long-time business partner and I always say "what are they going to do, beat me up?"

O'Reilly said...

Select Board packet for May 28th meeting:

• A memorandum from Town Counsel regarding attorney-client privilege for government officials and a recent Supreme Judicial Court ruling on the issue

Larry, if town counsel prepares a memorandum regarding attorney-client privilege for government officials then why does the Select Board not instruct him prepare a memorandum about the requirements to hold a Select Board Seat in the scenario where a Select Board Official intends to relocate to a nearby town as is indicated by said members purchase, of what appears to be a primary residence, and also puts their Amherst residence up for sale?

LarryK4 said...

Well, because His Lordship Gerry Weiss is the Chair and he "came up under" Ms. Awad back when she was Czar. So neither of those two wants to ask anything--especially in writing.

Stephanie and Diana are rookies, and Alisa a tenderfoot.

And you need a majority of three to do anything.

Although…Mr. Weiss is gotta start wondering if this is all worth it--especially since Ms. Awad verbally assured him that they had rescinded the South Hadley Homestead and reestablished the Amherst one. A blatant falsehood.