Sunday, May 25, 2008

I don't think so

Okay, I’m sorry—most readers of this blog probably consider me “conservative,” although in Amherst that could mean almost anything.

And I’m ever so far from being a Clinton fan—either Hillary or (that lying cheat) Bill.

But this recent hoopla about Mrs. Clinton invoking a personal hero of mine—Bobby Kennedy—and the trumped up ramifications are nothing short of astounding. So does anybody in their right mind actually think that Hillary was saying Obama could get shot dead over the next month, and therefore you need a number two like me still on the campaign trail to take over?



O'Reilly said...

No I don't believe her intent was to suggest that Barack could be incapacitated or assassinated and here's why: She would be the Democratic candidate if that happened even if she already folded her cards - stopped campaigning and went home to Harlem/Chapaqua.

That said, what a weird incident to cite to make the point that June is not traditionally considered "late in the process" to decide on the nominee. In other words, why take about the candidate who was assassinated? Aren't there enough other examples of candidates who became the presumptive nominee after May?

LarryK4 said...

Hey o'reilly,
I'm guilty with this (graphic) timeline thing myself. I have used 9/11 on occasion to remind (Amherst) folks of how extraordinarily perfect the weather was that awful morning. And most folks, once reminded, also remember what an extraordinary summer/fall it was in 2001 (in fact, the National Weather Bureau deemed it the best weather in 100 years).

Of course I use it to counter town officials using the “lousy weather” excuse for the exceedingly poor performance of our municipal golf course that year (not to mention the years before and many years after.)