Thursday, January 17, 2008

Breaking 'Vagina' News 10:17 am

I'm sitting in a boring Budget Meeting (where town officals are trying to come up with a "bulletproof" sales pitch for a tax Override) so I will upload the new news by noon. God I love this free wireless in town center!


O'Reilly said...

I thought the Budget Committee was supposed to make the town budget work within the bounds of the town's tax Revenues, not figure out ways to compel Amherst Residents to pay more taxes.

LarryK4 said...

Nahh, it is sooooo much easier for these guys (and gals) to run their little empires when they get a blank check from the taxpayers.

This is the same Budget Coordinating Group that Ms. Greeney recently blew the whistle on.

Since they couldn't use 100-K of taxpayer money for a professional survey they are now going to go before a Special Town Meeting to get their advice as to how much of an Override could pass.

O'Reilly said...

Ah ha. Thanks larry.