Friday, September 21, 2007

Let the chips fall...

So my “sensible center” friends (meaning they lean to the left but not enough to fall over) are suggesting I pick my battles more carefully. Hmmmm.

While Town Meeting is exempt from state conflict of interest law (because of a large membership) I would still abstain from a vote on the school budget if I were a teacher, or the public safety budget if I were a firefighter or cop. That’s just the way I am. In fact, anytime I speak against Leisure Services recreation empire I always remind folks that I run a private sector health club business—you know the kind that pay taxes to the town rather than consumes them.

But is this whistle blowing purely political? Am I targeting Mr. Kusner for political extinction? And could it backfire by generating a groundswell of support for the poor math professor (who absent mindedly forgot to file the disclosure form with the Town Clerk this time)?

No, no, and no way in Hell!


Mary E.Carey said...

This is a fun photo. Did the subject agree to you taking it -- or did you catch him in, um, action?

LarryK4 said...

Yeah, he posed for this as I was covering the incident of Hubley sign vandalism, then I watched him ride up the access road to Crocker Farm and parade way too close to the voting booth.

Funny, the DPW refers to the lines painted to mark the voting booths as “Kusner lines”. (Obviously the one around Crocker Farm did little good).