Friday, May 4, 2007

We Got Him! (Amherst Cops did, that is)

The Lawn Sign Thief, an affront to the political process so important to this opinionated community has been bagged. Although… he claims that the sign where he dropped his cell phone and cigarettes was the ONLY one he stole that night (yeah, right), as part of a High School prank.

Interestingly enough, his High School just happens to be Amherst Regional High School main beneficiary of the $2.5 million Override the bright yellow and black lawn signs so declaratively opposed.

Obviously, since 75 to 100 signs disappeared overnight and this particular Perp is only admitting to snatching one, a larger conspiracy must have been afoot.

A janitor (who must not read the newspapers or Blogs) confirmed that he discovered numerous “No More Overrides” signs in the High School dumpster.

Stay tuned.

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