Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Override Rage Continues

Richard Hood wrote:
Mon May 7 14:20:05 EDT 2007
I’m not sure I disagree with Larry on this (see his post and his last


I think it may make sense.

Richard B. Morse wrote back:
Mon May 7 17:14:44 EDT 2007:
It's up to you to assess the ethics of this, but every time you log on
to Larry's blog, you feed a beast in town, that is, Larry's addiction to
attention. He really has no interest in anything other than pissing you off and getting you to respond to him. He absolutely has no interest in solving our fiscal mess. He doesn't give a damn about your kids. He didn't attend ARHS and he has no intention of sending his daughter there. That does not disqualify him from commenting on Amherst matters, but.......

His blog is not about Amherst: it's about him.


OF course Mr. Morse is being a tad hypocritical. He did not attend Amherst Regional High School either. And he did not take his own advice about starving “a beast in town”. Because he lazily used the link Mr. Hood sent him I was able to get into their cyber war room.

My favorite early morning election dispatch, or “note from the field”, came from Select person Alisa Brewer titled: “Digital cameras are the devil” along with a link to this blog showing the van illegally parked at a polling station.

Another women reported a “heated debate” I was having with Middle Schools kids in town center that early afternoon. Three girls had crossed the intersection in town center towards me yelling to Overriders on the other side of the intersection, and when they got behind me one said in an extra loud tone “He shouldn’t be so f_cking ignorant!”

Yeah, nice talk from a pre-teen. But hey, Amherst was also the only High School in the nation to allow young girls to use the C-word in public.

That little Catholic school my mother had me bused over the river to taught: “As you sow so shall you reap.”


Tommy said...

It's weird how some people think that blogs are just a way of getting attention. BLOGS ARE ABOUT COMMUNICATING. Of course those who used to control what got communicated aren't always happy now that the peons can speak. Also, attacking the person speaking is a cheap way of not responding to what they are saying.

LarryK4 said...

Thanks Tommy. Couldn't agree more. Grumpy Mr. Morse knows that I appear often enough in all the regular media (sometimes before millions of viewers and readers) to COMMUNICATE about the limited number of things that are important to my core.

And if simple "attention" were on the list, I certainly would not bother with a blog that gets under 200 hits per day.