Saturday, December 10, 2016

Vote Early Vote Often

Gazette is lucky to get 1,000 views per story so 10 times that is a tad suspicious

Entertainment oriented Internet polls are probably the reason why election voting is not currently available via the web since those quick polls are so easy to hack they give the process a bad name.

For instance I had no problems voting numerous times on the Gazettenet poll concerning the hot button issue of the new $67 million Mega School by using three different devices, an iPhone, Ipad and Mac laptop.

And after clearing cookies or changing browsers you can do it again, and again, and again.

But I'm sure somebody will use this poll as evidence of overwhelming support for the Mega School on the floor of Town Meeting when the issue is taken up again next month.

Just as defenders of the failed project insist on trumpeting the "will of the voters" by pointing out the razor thin margin of victory (less than 1%) at the November 8th election where a majority of voters did not even support the project.

P.T. Barnum (or the Russians) would be so proud.


Anonymous said...

Okay, I'll brave a comment here as a anonymous coward..

It looks like the Gazette is using the 'polldaddy' service for this so called readers' survey. The same online polling system used by Foxnews which the Gazette is aspires to. Screw journalistic integrity, just think of all those page counts and ad revenue!

As you've experienced Polldaddy is vulnerable to all kinds of multiple voting-per-person trickery and ballot stuffing chicanery, kind of like a Precinct 9 recount.

Ducks and runs..

Anonymous said...

Yes, it was easy to vote more than once - even by accident! The Gazette is part of the bigger problem: money talks! That's why Amherst should think twice about having a mayor or city council - they will be way too easy to "buy" - beware what you wish for....

Anonymous said...

Makes me think about no longer buying and reading the Gazette.

Anonymous said...

The Gazette is a business just any other. Why should they support a bunch of whiny parents who DO NOT buy ads, even if they're right.

The Gazette has been warned from the Amherst for All pro development cult that future ad revenue depends on them pushing hard on the mega school, so no surprise this poll is rigged.

Anonymous said...

Town meeting is likely toast. It is a certitude if the no on new School vote wins and likely no matter what. No wonder Larry is against the new school; it means the end of town meeting.

Anonymous said...

We live in a world where any perceived slight runs the risk of your entire business or reputation being destroyed. So don't buy the Gazzetta anymore nit-wit!

Anonymous said...

Free press. It's to laugh.

Anonymous said...

Newspapers used to report the news. Now they make it up.

Anonymous said...

My sense is that people do not understand the press's official role.

The press's official role is to make money for the news outlet.

People act like the press is in the constitution as a branch of government, tasked with balanced information transfer. This is not the case and often gets in the way of the press's official money making role.

If you have owned a business, and thus been contacted constantly by the local press, you understand what they are there for, their customers. Their customers are the businesses that do ads in the outlet, not the readers, who are more like cattle to this business.

Some more truths, doctors are there to make money - not to save you, they get paid either way and few patients look up history or credentials, teachers are there to make money - not educate your kids, but if they do, that is just a bonus, contractors are there to make money - just like everyone else - but somehow you knew this one...and they are providing the most needed service of the three.

The press is a vehicle to sell ads, they put crap on the pages so you look at the outlet and they sell ads. Stop thinking that news is more than that and we will be better off, especially with voting.

Take murders and child molestation, which peaked in the 70s, but somehow reporting on it just kept increasing and increasing to the point where idiots say stuff like remember when we were kids and you could let play on the streets safely, when now it is safe and in years past, it most certainly was not. People literally remember the opposite and then, even worse, act on it. This blog makes it out like the town is desperate for schools, firestations and garages for plows, when it is just a want by some, to make their lives easier at the expense of others.

News = ad salespeople, nothing more. Just another business with very little work product. If these people want to try the ultimate in profitable models, start a town...then you barely have to produce anything, but can charge just about anything you want.

Off to select all pics with store fronts....

Anonymous said...

Wow Anon 141. Pure BS here. What nonsense. More of the SASS folks with their lies.