Thursday, December 22, 2016

DUI Dishonor Roll

Drunk Driving costs the United States 132 Billion per year

So let's hope this coming Christmas weekend is a drunk free one at least when it comes to driving.  Unlike last weekend where Amherst police took these two drivers off the road.

And since both volunteered for the Breathalyzer test and failed the best they can hope for is the standard 24D plea deal disposition (or I suppose be declared innocent by a jury of their peers).

 Richard Huntoon, age 39
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Jason Howard, age 21


Anonymous said...

I wonder if the DWI peeps wanted THEIR shiny red Go-cart dinged up for Christmas by Big Brother ???!!!

Anonymous said...

Petty crime

Anonymous said...

DWI drunken driving is in no way petty crime-this is tantamount to first degree murder and terrorism-do you want your loved one DEAD-killed-nay MURDERED- for the holidays-due to some inveterate loser-Come Again ???!!!