Wednesday, December 21, 2016

A Horrible Tragedy

The District Attorney's office released a statement late this afternoon in the tragic death of a 67 year old Amherst woman last night and I guess I can see why they took their time issuing it considering the unthinkable reality of what happened.

When was the last time you looked behind your car at night to see if someone was flat on the ground near the rear tires before backing up?

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So I guess the bricks and mortar media was close when they originally portrayed it as a "car vs pedestrian."

But after the horrendous incident in town center six weeks ago where a drunk driver piloting a speeding truck trampled a man sitting on a bench waiting for a PVTA bus, people are naturally suspicious.

Especially when they see the phrase "State Police have been called in to investigate" which insiders know happens with ANY unattended death. 

Transparency is always the better option, even when the facts are so jolting. 


Dr. Ed said...

I kinda figured this when I saw the _Gazette_'s second story, the only question I had was if it were the operator or not. I believe we will find that ice was a factor.

And Larry, maybe this comes from driving a school bus, but I do always look behind a vehicle before I get into it. And that may not be the issue here -- it's quite possible she approached the vehicle after he was in it, without his knowledge, and slipped on the ice. Maybe breaking her hip and hence unable to get out of the way.

On the other hand, the cops DO have to investigate as -- well, there was the case over in Palmer a few years back where a woman deliberately ran over her husband/boyfriend. She dropped her SUV into reverse and ran over him a few more times, and fortunately there were witnesses so there wasn't any question as to her intent.

Anonymous said...

First of all ed is an ass to comment at all...and now I understand what ed did with his "advanced degrees"....he drove a school Bus! Makes so much sense.

Dr. Ed said...

I drove a bus as an undergraduate, penis breath, although any honest work is honorable and for you not to understand that speaks volumes about YOU, penis breath.

And while I merely hinted rather than outright stating it, what exactly is wrong with saying that people ought to walk behind a vehicle before backing it up, or that one ought to be careful not to slide under a vehicle when standing on an icy, sloped driveway.

And if you think I'm offended, you're right, penis breath.

Anonymous said...

This woman's unfortunate and very tragic death should remind all of us about the dangers of being around vehicles when it is dark. As I drive and as I walk, I have noticed the lack of concern and care about the basic safety rules. Lots of pedestrians wear dark clothing, are preoccupied by cell phones, run or walk into traffic perhaps thinking, "I have the right as a pedestrian." Parking lots are so dangerous with everyone in a hurry. And, autos are not always designed for clear vision as one backs up, especially if the driver is small or does not take care in really checking what is behind the vehicle. Well, enough said. Hopefully the legacy of this poor woman will be that we all pay attention and take more care. Especially when it is dark. My heart goes out to her family.

Anonymous said...

This sucks.

It sucks even more that we actually feel it is even remotely acceptable that the person that chose not to look around his car did not do so, as this is ALL of our responsibility before we use the thing more dangerous than a gun.

Someone's neglectful act killed another person. That seems like a crime to me. Surely if this was a 25 year old, there would be charges...but all citizens are far from equal.

Imagine if the resources spent on the new town authority or the raising of Hampshire's flags were put towards reminding folks they need to spend a couple minutes reviewing their car and its surrounding before you use it, every last time and of course at night and especially so if you are in a neighborhood (like on a properly under 20 acres.

Those that don't risk hurting people or killing them due to their chosen neglect.

RIP, now lets do something different.

Anonymous said...

One big issue I always face as a disabled for life victim of a hit & run SWI drunk driver crippled for life-is walking behind cars of elderly but still illegal users of handicapped parking spots-these ladies feel sooooo entitled to use handicapped parking as " VIP" illegals-but they do not see this further incapacitated true " disableds" forcing us behind rows of other vehicles Out feet in snowy-Ivey lots in traffic-these ladies gun the engine for seconds to warn me to " skeedaddle"- very rude-they don't bend necks before flooring it petal to the metal in reverse-and with a 20 yard detour behind them I'm forced to-I just don't have any time to be in safety before a 20 mph Crowne Vic flying piece of tonnage shoots right at me-I know these ladies feel society owes them-what-some legal disabled crushing death ?!!!