Friday, September 30, 2016

Vote Early, Not Often

Amherst will have early voting for the November 8th election

Now you have even less of an excuse to miss doing your civic duty November 8th as the Amherst Board of Registrars have approved "early voting" in Town Hall  for two weeks prior to the election October 24 through November 4th Mon-Fri (8 AM until 5 PM) and all day Saturday, October 29 (9 AM until 3 PM) at North Fire Station and Munson Memorial Library.

The Secretary of State estimates as many as 25% of registered voters will take advantage of this convenient option, so in Amherst that would be around 5,000 voters.

 The Amherst Board of Registrars

Since this is not a state mandate the town will have to pick up the added costs.  The voting station in Town Hall will be staffed by three extra personnel for the two weeks and each polling station on Saturday, October 29 will also have an additional three for a total cost of around $1,000.

Town Clerk Sandra Burgess is expecting a high turnout due to the normal enthusiasm always exhibited for a Presidential election combined with the added attraction of a ballot question legalizing recreational marijuana and of course the $33 million Debt Exclusion Override for the new Mega School.
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 State suggested press release


Anonymous said...

This is excellent news.

Anonymous said...

Last election every car was emblasened with an Obama sticker. A few months ago, every car was emblasened with a Bernie sticker. Now all I see are warn out Bernie stickers but barely a Hillary sticker. She is so disliked. It must be hard for people to pull the lever on a woman who has spent 30 years selling anything she could for a favor. Now she wants to sell the White House. Tough, tough election year.