Sunday, September 4, 2016

They're Ba-Ack

Townehouse Apartment east quad Saturday 4:30 PM

Townehouse Apartments east quad Sunday 6:30 AM

Townehouse apartments west quad Sunday 4:30 PM 

Townehouse apartments west quad Monday morning 6:30 AM
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Now this is how you're supposed to party:  UMass Welcome Back BBQ (Monday 4-7 PM):



Anonymous said...

That IS private property.

What I fail to understand is why the sanctity of the right to private property is defended when it is Cinda's property, but not when it is that of condo owners.

And I assume the APD broke up this party -- just the sort of thing to make folks cooperative in saving water.

Anonymous said...

What is this Policy BEAA Supt Union #26?

Are they going to have copies of that available, or is it going to be yet one more secret?

And either it should be also approved by the two TOWN school committees, or they should be dissolved.

Anonymous said...

You truly are a busybody

Larry Kelley said...

Idle hands are the devil's workshop.

Anonymous said...

What a many splendid thing - Umass party- hardy's bring to mind the questionable ethical effigies of " Boltwood Project " students who visit DWI victims in nursing homes and - as a matter of coarse - gauchly " Just don 't get it " - consider this is they're only " Education - getting " Royally plastered " - work to be done .... Ah Hmmmmm!!!$&@

Anonymous said...

I think anon 11:47 is an UMass English major who has fallen under the sway of rap music.

Anonymous said...

Why are you always so late in these party notices? Can't you figure out a way to inform the public of parties ahead of time so we can get there before it fizzles out? What good is a party notice after the fact? And you call yourself a town crier?

Anonymous said...

Larry, this is bullshit. Geryk has now been paid a shiteload of public funds on the basis of a contract that is not on file for public inspection.

You ran a business, what do you think the IRS would say to a $310,000 expense without the supporting paperwork? And that's private sector.

Bottom line: You can't spend public money without authorization to do so, a public document that has to be on file before any money may be paid. Otherwise, it's not embezzlement, but something else that's almost as serious.

It's like not bothering to put something put to bid -- I'm not sure what happens but you don't do it.

Removing names from the minutes, there must be minutes we haven't seen because I can't see where there are names.

In any case, it's time to just file more OML complaints.

Anonymous said...

Any update to last night's emergency call to Washington? I hope she is okay.

Larry Kelley ‏@amherstac
"AFD & UMPD enroute to UMass Washington tower for a college aged female unconscious in the 11th floor stairwell, covered in blood."

Anonymous said...

Hello Ed, we've missed you.

Anonymous said...

I am so glad they are back, let us get the community and business humming again! A few parties and the events of youth plus the bonus of a vibrant community.

God Bless the students and their generous families, Amherst both depends on you and thanks you, at least most os us do.

Party On....Spend On. Don't forget to establish residency and vote in local elections!!!

Anonymous said...

Has she been paid? I don't think so.

Anonymous said...

Right, pitch a tent and plan an all-campus outdoor gathering in the midst of a Hurricane...

Note how the flags were blowing, if the storm had tracked as predicted, that tent would have been blown downrange.

And Larry, you do know what "pregaming" is, don't you?
They just already have the ETOH inside them before they go to these events.

Larry Kelley said...

Actually I think the hurricane missed us.

Although we could use the rain.

And lots of it.

Anonymous said...

Ed, if you actually lived here you would know it was a sunny day.

Anonymous said...

This BBQs are impressive. That's one hell of an operation.

And to the clown up above, I'm sure if UMass thought the wind had a shot of blowing the tent down, they wouldn't have done it. Try being realistic.

Anonymous said...

The hurricane missed Amherst by a couple hundred miles, which is like a tornado missing you by a couple hundred yards -- taking chances in either situation is stupid.

"[Person who may or may not be Dr.] Ed, if you actually lived here you would know it was a sunny day."

As was that morning that morning in September of 1938. (It's part of why so many people died.)

I think Larry's video speaks for itself' even with it's computer dampening, I'm surprised that B2 wasn't having trouble with the wind, although there may be less of a "wind tunnel" effect at 500+ feet.

Now increase that wind by a factor of 3-4-5 and you'll be where the Dems were with their ill-fated Media Tent at the convention.

This BBQs are impressive. That's one hell of an operation.

And one hell of a mess if the tent started coming loose. Besides, are even allowed to cook INSIDE a tent?

I'm sure if UMass thought the wind had a shot of blowing the tent down, they wouldn't have done it."


Anonymous said...

"I'm sure if UMass thought the wind had a shot of blowing the tent down, they wouldn't have done it."

The same UMass that built a Mullins Center with a roof which is unsafe if the wind blows more than 55 MPH?

I don't seem to remember them replacing that roof, which means It's STILL unsafe in high winds!

Try being realistic, the university is neither competent enough, nor particularly cares enough to worry about student welfare.

Anonymous said...

This grammars are impressive too.

Anonymous said...

Ed, you are just raving. There is such a thing as a weather forecast. It's not 1938. They've invented Doppler radar.

Anonymous said...

The Mullins roof theory is laugh out loud funny. Pretty sure we've had some 55 MPH wind since 1993.

And no, they don't cook under the tent. Look at Larry's shot, you can see rows of grills to the north of the tent.

So, no. They didn't cook with open flame under a tent that was seconds away from collapsing onto the student body.

Anonymous said...

They've invented Doppler radar.

And the earth is flat...

Doppler Radar was developed to prevent planes from crashing on final approach, inside the 2 mile marker.

In fact, UMassHack, if you read your own archives, you'll see that UM is building more Doppler sites because existing ones couldn't see tornadoes BECAUSE THE EARTH IS ROUND.

And Radar travels in a straight line.

And there are a lot of Doppler Radar stations out in the ocean, aren't there....

Anonymous said...

"[Person who may or may not be Dr.] Ed"

LOL. Even in "anonymity", Alfred Cutting can't let go of the idea that he ought to be called "Dr."

But who knows? Maybe someone else is equally obsessed with the idea that an internet troll be should treated with undeserved respect...

Anonymous said...

Heaven forbid that UMass employees respect the very degrees which UMass itself has awarded.

Doppler Radar is USELESS in forecasting hurricanes hundred of miles away -- at most it can see about 100 miles, which is truly useless when when you have a Hurricane traveling 70+ MPH, which the 1938 one did -- in all cases, it's too late when the storm is within 100 miles.

Even in the midst of a Hurricane it'd be pretty much useless for a whole bunch of reasons starting with, well, sensitive electronic equipment on towers tends not to do well in hurricane-forced winds -- even if the tower doesn't blow down. (While not as exposed, cell phone towers tend not to do well, either...)

Ever drive at night in blowing snow? Heavy, blowing rain does the same thing to Radar, and moisture sucks electromagnetic radiation out of the air. Lightning is a much stronger signal than returns on solid, reflective surfaces, let alone clouds.

Doppler Radar is based on the principle that waves coming toward you have a higher frequency, and ones going away have a lower one -- the classic case of the train horn going by you. Now if the tower itself is moving slightly in the gusting wind -- if it can't, it'll rip itself apart -- your Doppler data becomes useless because you are neither transmitting on a constant frequency nor able to accurately measure the frequency of your returning signals. Assuming the unit is still working.

Then you have antenna cables to the base unit, possible AC Power needs on the tower (e.g. to rotate the transmitter/receiver), lots of AC power for the base unit, cables carrying the information back to where the humans are, and then some means of communicating what they see to others. E.G. the TV, Radio, Cell-Texts and Internet that are already down.

Ground-based Doppler Radar isn't an asset here.

Anonymous said...

BTW, Hurricanes are still evaluated the old fashioned way -- the USAF (now USAF Reserve) fly airplanes into them. Satellites help, but a lot of the data comes from the planes and/or the bouys they drop. And if we get lucky, an anchored bouy both is in the Hurricane's path and lasts long enough to radio in conditions.

Yes, we have powerful computers that can do things like compare this hurricane to every known past Hurricane, but it is still largely an educated guess.

When, not if, we get another major New England Hurricane, we will have massive carnage because there have not have been major hurricanes in the living memory of those now alive. Imagine if every tree in Amherst Woods blew down, many would land on houses, most of those would go THROUGH the houses Windows break -- imagine shards of 1/4" plate glass falling from the 22nd story and driven by the wind, and then shattering further upon hitting concrete or brick.

Remember too that the major evacuation route to Boston, the MassPike, both lies to the South, where the Hurricane is coming from (and will be earlier) and that all roads out require one to climb to a higher elevation, where winds are usually worse.

But umASS thinks nothing bad could ever happen because we have Doppler Radar...

Heaven forbid we confuse these overpaid schmucks with facts....

Anonymous said...

How did this get here?

If there was a shot that a major hurricane was going to cut its way through Amherst, Massachusetts UMass would respond well. Do you think they don't have plans for major disasters like hurricanes? Debilitating blizzards? A tornado that rolls through campus with 10 minutes notice? If a hurricane were on the way, we know with enough time to move whoever needs to be moved or properly instruct those who need to and can stay behind. How do you think successful hurricane evacuations have happened up and down the east coast? Do you think a college has never faced this? Not to mention, the Mullins Center is a designated shelter for the area. They do annual drills there so that they ARE ready for when something happens in Amherst.

(Oh, wait. The roof is unstable if the wind

As far as the radar debate- radar, USAF observations and satellite imagery all combine to give us a decent idea of what's coming and when. Hell, Mark Kelly could call NASA and have them tell us what a damn hurricane looks like out the window of the ISS.

Anonymous said...

Ed, please go back to signing your name. It makes it much easier to skip your posts

Anonymous said...

"Heaven forbid that UMass employees respect the very degrees which UMass itself has awarded."

It would be hard to come up with a better illustration of clinical paranoia. Ed, I'm the anonymous commenter from 2:37, and I've never had any affiliation with UMass. But since UMass is the prime fixation of your paranoid obessions, any attack on you must originate with UMass, right? Has it never occurred to you that you might be making a fool of yourself in other areas of your life as well? That was rhetorical; we all know the answer already...

(No, I'm not a mental health professional or Kurt Geryk, either, to name just a couple of your other pet obsessions.)