Thursday, August 4, 2016

No More Free Ride

Amity Street lot is across the street from Jones Library

Or maybe I should say "free park," as the pay machine was just installed at the most popular municipal parking lot in town center, which reopened July 11th after a complete renovation.

Yesterday afternoon

Good thing of course since Amherst needs all the parking it can get and I'm sure shoppers appreciated the free parking over the past three weeks.

Although the town Transportation Fund not so much, since the Amity Street lot generates $150/day in revenues.


Nina Koch said...

So, does someone actually repaint the "Save the Drake" graffiti? It looks like it. And I think it would have faded away after all these years if just left alone. It is a landmark at this point.

Anonymous said...

The meter thing works pretty well.

@ $21000 per year / 180 school days = $116.67 per day.

@ $116.67 / $150 = 78%

Each school student is worth about 78% of this parking lot to the town budget OR it only takes 1.29 students to = one parking lot for revenue.

Is the $150 revenue (sales) or profit (sales minus paving, alternative uses, patrolling, the machines, the tickets, etc. )?

Bottom line, a few more students and town could afford free parking....

Anonymous said...

The ramp for the crosswalk is in the travel lane- who thought that was a good (and safe) idea?

Larry Kelley said...

The lot generates $100 per day in meter revenue and $50 per day in ticket revenue.

Anonymous said...

It's going to be a full width raised cross walk wham it's done

For Willy, for Humanity said...

As a libertarian I not only object to the parking fees, but also the curb cuts, painting of lines, signs, and directional arrows. A free society must allow people to find the lot themselves, and park when and where they wish.

Anonymous said...

$100 per day x 300 days (Mon-Sat, since there's no enforcement on Sun) = $30,000 per year, $45,000 per year including ticket revenue. Not bad for one small parking lot.