Wednesday, August 31, 2016

DUI Dishonor Roll

MADD:  2014 drivers between ages 21-24 had highest percentage fatal crashes (30%)

Unfortunately it's a safe bet this coming weekend will have many times over the number of impaired drivers on the road, not only because our beloved students are back but also because it's a major holiday with one extra night to party hardy.

Jake Nolan, age 24, arrested by APD
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Alec Grater Cafiero, age 22, arrested by UMPD


Anonymous said...

Same poor policies, same poor results. No reason to change expectations.

When are we going to change this, don't we have a general court to change really bad policies that are ineffective?

It would seem that the citizens and commonwealth are NOT concerned with drunk drivers or they would do something different. Given this, Larry, perhaps you should drop this topic from your blog, it is just depressing to see little to no reaction to this issue by those in power, while they obsess with petty things.

Would it not be more important to put in place some policy change on this etxreme and common drug of Alcohol, than to pay attention to Marijuana at all, which has shown not to significantly effect driving by the USDOT and has no accounts of causing death, unlike alcohols almost uncountable deaths per town? Oh wait, I forgot public folks get tax money for Marijuana, safety be damned, they get bank.

But this is about doing whats trendy and produces revenue, right?

I think it is time we throw down and admit how much a person is worth to someone in government, it would make the calculations easier. My guess is that the typical government official would sacrifice one citizen life per $100-250k in revenue that could be shared with fellow cronies, that is if the debate is public. If this can occur in private, I would say even $10 per person may be high. You can say I am silly, but such a judgement call is made many times a day, both publicly or privately. Most soccer moms are willing to risk driving just to get a bottle of milk, they will even put their kids in the car 100s of times a year thinking it is a right vs. a risk...and they KNOW the roads are full of drunks, they know that most drunk drivers are never caught....but a gallon of milk with their kid in the back, shameful.

Anonymous said...

Americans get behind the wheel drunk 113 million times a year - killing - nay - murdering over 11,000 people - this is just every bit as much terrorism as ISIS. !!!! Then all the Al Anon trolls rouses blame the innocent DWI victims they slaughter - not just a crime of terrorism with a deadly weapon - a hurtling vehicle as deadly as the French terror attack - but the resulting socio pathogenic denial is a criminal form of mental illness - look at the troll perp retorts !!!

Anonymous said...

Drunk driving is TERRORISM - the criminal perps know this - they have it so cushy - they play - we pay - look at all those DWI apologist EXCUSES - this is in excess - they bank on being socially acceptable popularity - just abjectly despicable moral bankruptcy . At least Larry knows these mailings - deaths - mutilations - destroyed lives , dreams - family's - should NOT all be for nought - KUDOS to caring !!!

Anonymous said...

I understand accidents happen, having one to many. And love it when they are caught so the lesson is learned especially before they hurt someone else. Toughing up the DWI/DUI laws would be great. But I'm really happy to see the people's name listed so it will be a reminder for a long time when they are being vetted for a job or a opportunity.

What ever happened to that woman in Amherst Woods who was WAY over the limit the then pitched a fit when she made this blog? Day-time drunk in a family neighborhood, has the audacity to then complain about her arrest being published!

Larry Kelley said...

She has not been arrested for her 3rd offense, so that's a good sign.

Although her license is probably gone for a very long time from the previous two.

Anonymous said...

People have no concept of history -- recent history. People have forgotten how bad things were in the 1970's, both in terms of the acceptance of OUI and the carnage, with the intoxication often never mentioned.

The BAC level was .15, and from what retired cops tell me, you had to "really do something" to get arrested for what was then called DWI. Prior to the Ware suit, cops would either tell a drunk driver to go home, or drive him there. 0r if actually arrested, the charges often were something else.

As I understand it, it was not uncommon to have drunk drivers passed out at Stop Signs. While in California, read the jaw-dropping acceptance of OUI in Hunter Thompson's book on the Hell's Angels. I've seen pictures of PILES of kegs and streets full of drunken college kids with beers in their hands.

Larry, some time take a look at the BAC levels in tour stack -- how many of them are over .15?

Reality is that we don't have the problem we once did.

Anonymous said...

I was just watching an old helen berg video the other day where she asserts that the town encourages underage excessive drinking because every trip to the hospital in an ambulance banks the town a 1000 dollars.why hasn't she been elected to office?

Anonymous said...

While neither should have been driving, neither would have been considered drunk in the 1970's.

Larry Kelley said...

And how many innocent families were slaughtered by drunk drivers backin the 1970s?!

Anonymous said...

If you don't know why Helen hasn't been elected to office, you haven't been paying attention.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:00....IT'S A JOKE....I was pointing out the kookiness of Ms berg.