Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Superstar Wanted

Probably the easiest way to choose our new "permanent" Town Manager by this summer is to escort the short list of final candidates out to highly acclaimed Puffer's Pond and see which one of them can walk on water.

The marketing profile issued by our headhunter consultant Bernie Lynch is nothing if not thorough. Who wouldn't want to work/lead such a progressive passionate "college town?"  Especially when you start at $155K and don't even have to live in the costly community.

The Charter Commission that will be elected on March 29 could very well come back a year later with a new form of government, minus a Town Manager.  But obviously whatever they come up with could still use a Finance Director.

John Musante, our most recent beloved Town Manager who died suddenly last September, was the Finance Director for five years prior to becoming Town Manager.

 Former Town Manager John Musante & former Finance Director Sandy Pooler

So all is not necessarily lost spending a bevy of time and money coming up with our new Town Manager even if the position is lost in a governmental reorganization.  They could still be a vital part of the town administration.

And the majestic marketing piece Mr. Lynch came up with is still useful as a template for another critically needed leadership position:  A mayor.


Anonymous said...

The Amherst Town Manager should have to live in Amherst. That should be a deal breaker.

Anonymous said...

I hope we get a young, progressive town manager. New blood.
I'd also like to mention the roads were bad last night around 7pm, how come no plows were out?

Larry Kelley said...

Plows and sanders were out all night. There are just are not as many of them as with the State Highway Department.

Anonymous said...

Why the belief that a mayor will solve all problems? What problems, how and examples from other towns, please.

Larry Kelley said...



Anonymous said...

Accountability for what? Nice slogan but details please…..

Larry Kelley said...

Putting your name behind everything you do.

Something you obviously know nothing about.

Anonymous said...

Progressive? I really think it's time for a fiscal conservative. A welcome change.

Anonymous said...

Sanders? O God I hope not. O! I thought u meant the Marxist running for Prez.