Sunday, February 28, 2016

Construction Update

UMass Design Building (Yes, they were working on a Saturday)

Amherst College 4 Greenway Dorms (on left)

Olympia Place private dorms from low/moderate height
Olympia Place from maximum height


Anonymous said...

I still think of "UMass Design Building" as a terribly constructed sentence, where Design is a verb. Good job umass, you design building.

Anonymous said...

more like "spend money."

Anonymous said...

The official title is Integrated Design Building, by the way. And it no different that the naming conventions used at UMass and other campuses. (See: Studio Arts Building, Integrated Science Center...)

And yes, anon 1:20 they are spending money. Colleges NEED new buildings as enrollment grows, as technology evolves, as programs are introduced and just as buildings age and need to be replaced.

Anonymous said...

The official title is "Design Building".

Great shots!

Dr. Ed said...

No, colleges don't "need" new buildings, they don't "need" to spend like drunken sailors, they don't "need" to bankrupt generations of young people, and UMess doesn't "need" to bankrupt the Commonwealth.