Friday, February 19, 2016

DUI Dishonor Roll

Cars don't kill people, drunk drivers do

Let's hope this weekend continues to be a light one for drunk drivers.  Last weekend neither Amherst or UMass police had a single arrest.  Nearby Hadley, however, had one:

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 Almost 2.5 times the legal limit

 In Eastern Hampshire District Court on Tuesday Daniel Tower, age 32, took a standard first offense Chapter 24D disposition

 Cost of a standard 24D disposition


Anonymous said...

Snappy dresser! Ditch the earrings though. And the DWI.

Anonymous said...

SOOO ...What part of victims or potential victims to violent death/destruction/ mutilation by D.U.I driving not choosing to celebrate an early demise on OUR public way do puke-ups NOT understand ?? Being crippled for life by a DUI IS actually an inonvienance, kinda rains on MY parade ?Go cry in your piss over a tweeny fine..!!

Anonymous said...

Reveling ing victimhood helps in what way, 12:56?

Anonymous said...

Do you puke ups cry lonesome loser revelry in your piss-then go out an kill/mutilate beyond recognition people-hell YES !! (No skin off your puke-apple apple-I NOTICE !!1 (All us sober folks CAN see it...!!! )