Friday, January 1, 2016


The Pub

Although I worked there 35 years ago during my UMass days I'm embarrassed to say I did not know Natalie Cole made her performance debut at The Pub in Amherst town center.  One of the many advantages of being a "college town" I suppose.

Although I do remember her classic "This Will Be" playing as standard fare on weekends when the restaurant turned into a nightclub and my job was to keep the rowdies in line.

What a talent.  Obviously the chestnut did not fall far from the tree.

And now they are reunited for an eternal duet.


Anonymous said...

Very sad. A great talent who couldn't escape her demons.

Hilda Greenbaum said...
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Dr. Ed said...

I'm going to say this: WE HAVE FREE WILL!!!

It is the issue I have with the Voodoo Scientists, and it is why I find the "...couldn't escape her demons" so offensive.

Its also why I consider Phobee Prince to have been a coward.

I helped a friend bury his son after a Heroin overdose -- I KNOW how this hurts.

Yet "Spider" jammed that needle into his arm, no one else.
And what about his brother who decided not to do that stuff???


Dying of Cancer is painful as hell -- and these folks are being denied pain meds.

Because they might get addicted -- they're going to be dead shortly -- they're not going to live long enough to get addicted....

Pain meds for childbirth are different, but imagine the outcry if we were to restrict those because others were abusing them? Imagine telling women that they should have a Cesarean without pain abatement -- during or during the next three days -- because others are getting high on these drugs -- even though she won't.

I would be outraged, and I'm not even female, let alone pregnant.

If you need Opiates for pain, you won't get high -- the pain receptor takes it first. And I'm just waiting for someone to come into a hospital a few weeks later and punching a doctor and saying "how do you like it, buddy?"

Anonymous said...

Sweet Jesus! We needed this lecture lake we needed a hole in the head.

Anonymous said...

I usually scroll past or try not to pay much attention to your posts. But that last one was beyond crazy. As a critical care nurse, I can say that no one, ever, is denied pain medication because "others are abusing them". Never, ever. So, please let yourself relax on that one.

Anonymous said...

Ed's got thousands of unfounded theories. Take a number.