Tuesday, January 5, 2016

No Challenge!

Opponents of Amherst For All's effort to collect the 3,215 required signatures to place on the March 29 ballot the question of forming a 9-member Charter Commission to come up with a new and improved local government failed to challenge a single signature.

After a simple majority vote of the Select Board,  the measure goes on the ballot.

List of candidates who have taken out papers:
One addition:  Gerry Weiss (former Select Board member)

Of these 11 potential candidates for the 9 member Charter Commission only Gerry Weiss and Janet McGowan refused to sign the Charter petition itself.


Anonymous said...

Is that the same Grabbe that ran the BID for a couple weeks?

Larry Kelley said...

No, his Dad: A reporter/editor for a million or so years.

Anonymous said...

Actually, a million or so years ago he was a member of the Russian aristocracy - some things never change!

Anonymous said...

Where's Vince and Mary??