Wednesday, January 27, 2016

DUI Dishonor Roll

Anthony-Denson Rivera, age 25, took the Ch24D deal offered by ADA Bob Opsitnik (rt)

Yes the number of drunk driving arrests on weekends so far in 2016 has been exceedingly low, this being the first.   Which is of course a very good thing.  But the year is still young.

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 ADA Opsitnik confirms he has never lost a trial where a legally admissible Breath Test was used

Cost of a Ch24D disposition


Anonymous said...

Perhaps skip all those petty fines and fees and punish him in stead?

Just a thought. I am noticing that drunk driving seems to be pretty consistent, not decreasing in any significant way, despite massive public campaigns, lots of money, enforcement and literally millions of cops on the job. Does this mean they are failing?

Perhaps it is time to try something that will work better than financially rewarding the courts when someone drives drunk. Just perhaps.

Anonymous said...

Pretty great that there have been so few DUI arrests in Amherst in 2016! Maybe the $2,587.76 cost this gentleman will be paying is a deterrent. $2k or $20 - $40 for a Uber ride? Easy math, even for overloaded students. Hope the trend continues, my kids are only 3 years away from joining the car-driving masses!

Anonymous said...

As a crippled for life victim of a hit and run DUI drunk driver-I lost hundreds of thousands, job, marriage,family 50 year forever homestead, life opportunity's. The perp got off with just 300 hours of community service-what a pittance-how doe's "pooper scooper" service make me whole again ? Take a bite out of CRIME..DUI has no REAL cost to these destroyers/maimers/killers-heads up..victims get just left holding the bag-absurd !!

Anonymous said...

There you go again...

Anonymous said...

Nothing will make you whole again 9:25. Not even the suffering of the perp. But I'm thinking a little counseling might help you feel a bit better. And less like a victim.