Monday, March 3, 2014

Just Another DUI

 "There's a killer on the road ..."

While I wait for Eastern Hampshire District Court to get me the "Statement of Facts" Public Documents I requested for APD's  Driving Under the Influence arrests -- all five of them -- over this past weekend in our little "college town," here's one from last week I almost missed because it was a State Police officer who made the arrest.

Safe bet State Police will be out in force this coming weekend for the Blarney Blowout.    


Anonymous said...

not to quibble the narrative but can you turn left onto sunderland road, left on to cowles, right onto Montague and right onto Summer? Seems this stop must have occurred in the area behind watrobas!


Anonymous said...

He's alright until the right onto Summer. Must have meant left onto Summer and neglected to add right onto Mill Street since the closed bridge at Puffers is right there.