Monday, July 8, 2013

Remember The Fallen

Not since 9/11 ...

Dear Governor Patrick,

While none of the 19 firefighters in Arizona who gave their lives to protect others were Massachusetts residents, any firefighter will confirm the profession is one big family, and  THAT includes a great many from Massachusetts.

When our state lost six firefighters in the horrendous Worcester Cold Storage Warehouse Fire in December of 1999, American flags nationwide flew at half staff as a symbol of solidarity, uniting us in shared grief. 

Quit frankly I'm surprised President Obama has not ordered US flags to half staff to remember and honor the fallen 19, the greatest loss of life in fire services since that awful morning of 9/11. 

Since the funerals are this week, could you please order Massachusetts American flags down to half staff to remember and honor the tremendous sacrifice these brave individuals gave up so selflessly?

Lowering an American flag to half staff takes only but a moment ... the solemn respect it shows lasts forever.  

Larry Kelley


Walter Graff said...

Very sad, but just on incident in the loss of some brave men overall. 82 firefighters lost their lives in 2012. There are many things worthy of a half-flag salute. While the national attention of this loss made it seem all the worse, personally I don't think it warrants presidential action. No one denies the great service. My grandfather served 40 years in NYC and died of emphysema related to his work. A firefighter is a hero flag or not. I lost seven friends to 9/11. I still have friends serving on the NYC force. They do their job every day and wouldn't want any special recognition. Part of the job as I've been told.

Larry Kelley said...

My fear is that by not recognizing this extraordinary sacrifice we relegate it to the ordinary.

Another reason why I want the town to allow the commemorative flags to fly every 9/11 (as opposed to once every five years).

Walter Graff said...

Liberals Larry. That means no one is more special than anyone else. Unfortunate. Liberals and feminists are useless. Well maybe not liberals but feminists definitely.

These men will certainly live in the minds of their friends, family and the community they served. No better tribute than that. As for our 9/11 flag dilemma, just one more thing that makes this part of the state the laughing stock.

Larry Kelley said...

I'm hearing rumors from multiple sources that Stephanie O'Keeffe is not running for reelection, so maybe now she will vote her conscious when I bring up the 9/11 flag vote once again next month.

Anonymous said...

Larry, somewhere in the US Government, they morbidly keep statistics of on-the-job work related fatalities. These figures are a few years old, but I doubt things have changed -- and this is based on deaths per 100,000 workers, not total deaths.

10th most deadly job in America:
Police Officer

8th most deadly job in America
Fire Fighter

THE most deadly job in America
Fishing, Farming & Logging (combined for statistical purposes)

THE most deadly of the three:
Commercial Fishing -- with three times the risk of the other two and an annual death rate in excess of 1:1000

Just saying....

Larry Kelley said...

Fishermen do not run into burning buildings trying to save lives.

Anonymous said...

"Liberals and feminists are useless." Walter, do your film clients know your feelings? Have you worked and gotten paid recently? Oh, you only take money from male rightists?

Anonymous said...

Fishermen do not run into burning buildings trying to save lives.

Yes they do. It's just not their daily task, and when they get near a burning building they are told to stay back by the authorities. Most of us would do that, but it's smarter and safer to pay the guys and gals we equip and train properly with our (not your) hard-earned tax dollars.

But your undying devotion to the men and women in uniform is duly noted...brownie points for you.