Wednesday, July 10, 2013

DUI Dishonor Roll

Amherst is currently on a record setting pace for DUI arrests

Despite July 4th weekend being the peak period nationwide for drunk driving arrests, Amherst had zero this past weekend, or even the entire past week.  I'll drink (coffee) to that.  

But before we get all celebratory -- and just to rule out APD may be slacking on the enforcement end -- arrests to date for the year 2013 stand at 80, or on pace for a record breaking 160-170.   

In 2011 APD arrested 144 drunk drivers; in 2012 it  had escalated to 155. At the 2012 half-way  point (6/30) arrests stood at 74 compared to today's 80.  

Unfortunately, when it comes to drunk drivers, it only takes one to unleash unforgettable devastation.


Walter Graff said...

Let's not forget Amherst is a company town. The company is closed for the summer and so all it's "employees" aka students are getting drunk in other parts of the state. We'll see those numbers shoot up once the dysfunctional world of UMASS is back in session.

Larry Kelley said...

APD is pretty good at snagging state grants, and alcohol enforcement is high on the list.

So yes, when UMass and the other colleges are in session we will see a spike.