Monday, July 15, 2013

DUI Dishonor Roll

 South Pleasant Street, Amherst

I sense a pattern with a lot of the DUI arrests made by Amherst Police:  the perp usually draws attention by failing to perform routine driving tasks in a routine manner:  forgetting to signal a turn or turn on headlights, driving too fast or too slow or, of course, crashing into another vehicle.

The latter is the one I'm most concerned with.  Especially in this case, as April Lachapelle was bagged a few hundred yards from my house on one of the most well-traveled roads in Amherst.

7/13 Saturday morning (1:17 AM) 365 South Pleasant Street near golf course (also known as Rt 116)


Anonymous said...

My personal favorite April tweet -- from April 9th or so:

"Anxious girl forgets / Forgets why she even cares / Some help from xanax"

Something tells me that mixing Xanex (a Benzodiazepine) with alcohol isn't a good thing -- in fact, isn't that what killed Whitney Houston?

I doubt this was just alcohol -- and isn't this a local girl whose parents live in Belchertown?

Anonymous said...

I wonder what this young man in holding between his fingers in her Twitter profile picture.

Anonymous said...

She tweeted on July 4th at 2am about passing a field sobriety test due to her dancing experience and being #lucky. Good arrest getting her off the road.