Thursday, September 27, 2012

Loud and Clear

The first of 22 new WiFi emitters is (way) up and running on top of the Bangs Community Center, installed and tested by our daring DPW and IT departments earlier this week.

The new Cisco units, costing $75,000 total,  have three antennas instead of the two on 14 older units they are replacing, so users should notice a stronger more consistent signal throughout the downtown.

The entire installation is expected to be completed by Halloween, the one year anniversary of the mother of all storms than knocked out the WiFi system and emergency 911 phone lines when the power went out due to catastrophic failure in our urban tree canopy.

Amazingly in this digital day and age, Amherst is one of the very few communities to provide free WiFi throughout town center.


DaveMB said...

Thanks for reporting this. Previously the town wireless gave me less useful service than I got through AT&T on an iPhone, so I've set my phone to ignore it, but if the quality of service actually changes it would be good to know.

Dr. Ed said...

I know this is off topic, but everyone has got to see "Won't Back Down when it is released to the public. Dr. Ed got to see it tonight and it is AWESOME.

It was a fun scene right on down to the teacher's union picketing the theater. But the movie is awesome, and I argue quite fair -- it points out why teachers want to belong to the union, even when the statewide union doesn't do all that much for them.

They make but one mistake - the opening scene still gets its point across, but the girl clearly has ADHD and not Dyslexia -- which they then proceed to confuse with Dysgraphia, but still it is well done.

And it is a good "chick flick" with enough action and stuff to keep guys interested. Even beyond the politics which is advocacy for charter schools.