Thursday, August 11, 2011

A simple act of kindness

With the anniversary of that dark day but a month away, and the recent catastrophic loss of 30 American soldiers ardently doing their job still fresh in our memory, please consider a donation to assist two men who have already paid their dues but now find the government lacking when it comes to repaying them for their service.

Do it out of compassion, Christian moral values or plain old self interest. Because when the guardians start to fall, who is left to protect us all?


Anonymous said...

just cut/pasted bulletin, emailed it out, and plan on making it there. thanks for the heads up, larry.


Anonymous said...

that ground zero photo you have is perfect. holding up the flag of the country that bombed itself to bring in a tighter control grid, remove our liberties and start unjust wars based on lies. yet you boldly take advantage of the death and mayhem that happened there posing as some kind of patriot. you are a fool whose mind is closed to the truth.

take that picture down out of respect for all those that perished, or continue your pathetic waltz through popular mechanic wonderland. true patriots do the hard research and any fool can see 911 was a setup by "our own".

I know you won't publish this since you are too much of a pussy to take the reality of your pathetic beliefs that boxcutters and still living highjackers could orchestrate what happened. you are their toady and they are spitting in your face . today you will go around with your righteous indignation of the truth, and gloriously ignore what really happened that day.

Anonymous said...

@6:05 a.m.: Balderdash!

LarryK4 said...

Tell ya what Bach, give me a boxcutter while you sit behind the controls of a 757 and see how long it takes me to slit your throat.

911 conspirators said...

just as I predicted.

tell me Larry, how did they know it was boxcutters? the dead pilots radioed in my throat has been slit? how about the hijackers passport found on the street? made it through the fireball intact? why did the Feds immediately confiscate the surrounding pentagon video tapes? why did building 7 fall at freefall speed? why has it been proven many of the so called jackets are still alive? how did all the bombs get in the basement of WTF? why did they ship the steel to china before a full investigation? why have some of the commission reporters changed their story? why did the fake shankville plane happen to crash into a crater that already existed as shown by 70's aerial photos? in a recent interview how could Rumsfeld not know about bldg 7? why is there military grade thermate and thermite traces found throughout the wreckage and all over the city on the dusty rooftops? why did senior meet with the bin ladens days weeks months and years before the attack? why did bin laden "just" get killed, when he has been on ice since 02 from kidney failure? why did they treat him at an American hospital? why did the seals 6 coincidentally just get shot down after the fake obl death? why are there so many Israelis in the us govt?

you cannot answer one of these questions and have your version hold water. and this is just the tip of the iceberg as far as unanswered questions.

come on Larry... do the RESEARCH.

outing me does not deflect the only weakens your case. I am not afraid to speak the truth


Anonymous said...

That's what he does with 9/11. Ponder how he is processing the rest of reality.

He votes.

Scary stuff.

LarryK4 said...

But he no longer votes in Amherst.

Anonymous said...

Something tells me we're going to hear a lot more of this in the next month leading up to the 10th anniversary.

The problem with these conspiracy theories is that they give the supposed evil perpetrators inside of our own government way too much credit for their capacities, to plan and get every part right, to execute the plan without a hitch, to maintain complete secrecy about the plan. Too many people involved, too many people who could screw up, too many people who can't shut up.

The dark cynical vision expressed above is actually a naive, awestruck, slack-jawed vision of unseen, unnamed ruthless individuals that puts them on a pedestal as superhumans.

LarryK4 said...

Yes, and on the 75th anniversary of Pearl Harbor we will also hear a lot about FDR knowing the attack was going to happen and purposely allowing it.

Anonymous said...

Yes, excellent analogy.

And that one on Pearl Harbor has hung around year after year, decade after decade, and has gotten absolutely no traction with historians. There's the belief that the moon landing was shot in a TV studio. The list goes on and on. It all comes from reasoning backward from the effect and trying to figure out who benefited from it, and then believing that they also caused it. World War II got us out of FDR's biggest mess, the Depression, so he MUST have plotted to get us into it.

I expect the same with the "inside job" crowd. (I believe that part of the argument is all or most of the Jews who worked in the building called in sick?) We'll see their creepy documentary played every year on ACTV. But no historian or journalist with any credibility or stature is going to sign on to this. Perhaps that's part of the conspiracy, too, in these folks' minds.

Watergate: now that's how real conspiracies go. Once we get outside of the hyperdiscipline of certain parts of the military, the bumbling quotient in everything government does goes up very, very quickly.

Anonymous said...

"to plan and get every part right, to execute the plan without a hitch, to maintain complete secrecy about the plan"

precisely, they did not get it all right, there are hitches as elaborated, and the secrecy is morphing into the truth. it is all over the place, but people who are afraid of the truth.

as for them not being smart enough... they were smart enough to dumb you down, feed you the lies and take your country into unjust "kinetic actions".

mr bernanke, can you tell us where the trillions went? bernanke? no

my reality is rich with facts, and naysayer fluoride heads. the facts support there is a nepharious set of controllers on this planet that marianette the govt.

some folks will never wake up from the trance. that is sad. the ones who completely discount all of the queries I have posed are the ones to fear, for they will follow blindly without asking the hard questions. I challenge anyone to answer the questions I have posed above.... not just Larry...he is a lost cause.

instead of calling me a me the proof...I want the truth. answer the questions please. click that link above too.

Anonymous said...

"unnamed ruthless individuals"

click the link 911 conspirators for the names

then at least attempt to prove me wrong...rather than attack my character. whether you think I'm a nut or not, the facts and eyewitness testimony are all out there.

btw, where were the bodies at dc and shanksville? there were none. show me the bodyparts from those flights.... not the people who were in the pentagon.

show me one picture...and don't say they got vaporized. said...

click it

Michael Grillo said...

Anonymous said...

Please feel free to comment on Kevin Ryan's presentation.

Anonymous said...

You mean the moon landing WASN'T filmed in a studio???!!!??