Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Day in the People's Republic

10:00 AM

The vast majority of Americans slaughtered on the morning of 9/11, just a week after celebrating Labor Day, were toiling at their place of employment after settling in for just another routine Tuesday.

Of course, that is what the cowardly, malevolent mastermind counted on for maximum damage. And had the first plane impact been only an hour later and many floors lower the carnage would have been exponentially worse.

Amherst can fly the 29 commemorative American flags to celebrate the Labor movement in America (hardly a non-violent affair) but will remove them tomorrow, leaving barely a trace of the red-white-and-blue to inhabit the downtown this coming 9/11.

Ludlow knows how to honor, respect and remember 9/11


Anonymous said...

Hey Larry,
Did you happen to watch the ACTV airing of the September 02,2010 meeting? If anyone missed it, they should check it out! Shaffer caught sleeping during meeting, dozing off in his chair multiple times when others were speaking/voicing opinions I guess he feels now that he is able to retire and gain four months pay, he doesn't have to listen!

Anonymous said...


What the hell is wrong with this town?

Anonymous said...

Too many wackos in town, that's what's wrong with it.

LarryK4 said...

No, not all that many; problem is they have figured out a way to take over the asylum.

Anonymous said...

A lot of people in Amherst secretly cheer the attacks.

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:47:

How does one argue with a claim like that?

Cite your evidence.

Come on, show us all how your particular addled brain works.

Anonymous said...

I'm afraid Mr. 7:47 p.m. is entirely correct. There are people in Amherst who were and are pleased that America was attacked. In the days following the original attack I overheard several conversations in and around Amherst in which "progressive" types said it was a just punishment for America's "sins" or that the people killed somehow deserved it because they were employed by "corporations."

If you want to see addled brains, go hang around downtown any afternoon.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone bother reading the url posted above by Anonymous on September 6, at 2:36 PM?

In regards to Patriot Day, 2005, A Proclamation by the President of the United States of America which calls "upon the Governors of the United States and the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, as well as appropriate officials of all units of government, to direct that the flag be flown at half staff on Patriot Day. [emphasis mine]" apparently our local officials choose not only to dishonor Patriot Day every four out of five years but also demonstrate a total disregard for the office of the President of the United States.

This proud patriot will display the flag at half staff from my home to express my patriotism and my gratitude for the blessings of liberty as requested by the office of the US President.

As for this not so proud "townie", I will exercise my right of vote at every opportunity and continue to seek to abolish the Town Meeting with a new charter that would create a directly-elected mayor.

Anonymous said...

I'm with Anon. September 7, 2010 8:07 AM

Vote to abolish this ridiculous Town Meeting nonsense. They don't represent anyone but a very small minority in the town.

Anonymous said...

Yes, time to elect a mayor and end this very bad joke called town meeting.

Anonymous said...

Yes, better a dictator than town meeting. Some democracy lovers you all are. When you don't like the results then you want to change the form of government. Losers.

Anonymous said...

BTW, After 9-11 there was a vigil on the town common and at all the colleges. Stop all your revisionist history b.s. Amherst did not cheer the attacks.

Anonymous said...

"revisionist history b.s."


You obviously don't know how evil your little town is...

Do you?

The fact remains, many in Amherst secretly cheered the attacks.

Xenos said...

There is a difference between being aware of America's faults and therefore unsurprised by the attack on 9/11, and cheering them on.

But if unreflecting and bigoted nationalism is your standard for patriotism, there you go. Enjoy your moral narcissism for whatever degree of self-satisfaction it gives you.

Riddle me this: can you think of anything that ever happened on a September 11th that might lead millions of people to resent the USA? I am thinking of an event that was probably during your lifetime. See if you can come up with the event involving tens of thousands of people tortured and murdered, as facilitated and abetted by the US government, due to events on a 9/11.

And then think about what revenge you might find justified against a foreign power that caused the murder of your children.

LarryK4 said...

Nothing can justify what happened that day, nothing at all.

Anonymous said...

Xenos responding here -- blogger lost my pseudonym.


Nothing justifies it. Certainly not.

But neither is it respectful of our 9/11 dead to use them as a cudgel to claim others are anti-American.

And I was not responding to you, Larry, but to the nitwit anonymous bloke, with his whispered slander about people celebrating 9/11. he can take his slander and, well, you know.