Saturday, September 11, 2010

9/11/10 in the People's Republic

Umass Daily Collegian reports

Following the pattern of all the previous anniversaries of this seismically horrific event, today was another carbon copy of the stunning weather we started to enjoy that awful morning.

I wonder if perhaps the pernicious mastermind actually calculated how early-to-mid September generated consistently beautiful weather in the Eastern Standard Time zone so his rookie pilots would have a better chance of steering their captured weapons to target.

The ceremony at Central Fire Station was short and haunting. The flag at half staff, a lone bagpiper playing Amazing Grace and the lonely chime of a fire station bell signaling a "last alarm".

Town center was as busy this morning as I remember it nine years ago. Although this year we had a lot of company in town center with folks holding signs for DA candidate Dave Sullivan who was also present. Like many of his supporters he thanked me for being there simply to remember the greatest tragedy of our lifetime.

House representative candidate Daniel Sandell made an extended appearance as well, and the incumbent he is trying to unseat, Ellen Story came and stood with me for the last half hour or so. She had been at the Granby Public Safety Building grand opening and reported how well they marked the memory of 9/11.

Yes, the Umass Republic Club did appear and brought dozens and dozens of flags they planted around town center. And a special thanks to Cinda Jones and Tom Porter for standing to remember.

Patriotic cutie.

Patriotic Dog


Anonymous said...

When we get away from the town government and away from the ideologues that have veto power over it, we find a community like a lot of others: deeply patriotic and deeply respectful of the tragedy and sacrifice that occurred on 9/11.

Let's not get confused by the folks performing in front of the ACTV cameras. That's part of Amherst, but not all of it.

Joseph Moroco said...

You know, I have nothing against remembering the victims or the heroes (that is the first responders, who were indifferent to their own safety and went to rescue others and their deaths), but do you have any other purpose in your life?

I've asked you before, what is there to win in this and you have no answer. You may care about the dead of 911, but you don't care about the soldiers who will die because they are in this joke war.

LarryK4 said...

Well Joseph, the only "joke war" we have left is Afghanistan.

President Obama recently declared an "end to the war in Iraq"--an incursion I never supported until "the surge," which actually made the difference.

The Son-of-a-Bitch who knocked down those towers is hiding in Afghanistan somewhere. Let's get him. THAT is what we have to win.

Joseph Moroco said...

"Well Joseph, the only "joke war" we have left is Afghanistan"

Maybe you can tell that to the family of the soldier who was killed by the defeated enemy the night after the second mission accomplished declaration. How many times are we going to have to win that war.

The so called surge did squat. We bribed Sunnis to stop fighting and come over to our side.

Also, if the war is over, why do we have 50,000 combat troops (and they are combat troops) and 100,000 contractors (euphemism for mercenary)in Iraq?

As to Bin Laden, he did not knock down the towers. The guys who flew the planes did. It is doubtful he is in Afghanistan if he is alive.

"Let's get him. THAT is what we have to win." You are unconscionable. There is no we there as you have no intention of being in harms way. You are just a chickenhawk who would send someone else to die to get someone the Bush administration could not even issue an arrest warrant for.

LarryK4 said...

And almost 3,000 Americans had "no intention of being in harms way" nine years ago either.

Joseph Moroco said...

"And almost 3,000 Americans had "no intention of being in harms way" nine years ago either."

Your not making a logical argument, your just emoting.

Why don't you answer the questions I ask? We know why. You don't have an answer. You believe we should be fighting this war and you have no real reason.

About nine years ago, you were quite a bit younger. Did you go down to the recruiter? Did you try to be part of your beloved war?

Nahhhhhh. That's for the peasants. You are just part of the Amherst of privilege that you decry. All symbol and no substance. It's just your symbol is the flag.

LarryK4 said...

Actually the maximum age for enlistment in the US military at the time (and I believe still is) was 42.

And at the time I was just a tad older than that.

Joseph Moroco said...

They give waivers, but you're Amherst. Admit it, it would never have crossed your hyper patriotic mind to enlist.

You don't answer the other questions, because you have no answers.

LarryK4 said...

Anytime you want to meet in Amherst town center at High Noon, let me know.

Joseph Moroco said...

You live there and I don't so like your not trying to get into the service, it's easy talk. When I am coming through, I shall let you know.

Of course, as you've always been a super patriot, that does beg the question as to why you did not fly to the colors during Gulf War I?

Joseph Moroco said...

I also find it interesting that there is a sort of high noon at the ok corral threat here from a martial arts guy, yet you can't answer questions without a bumper sticker slogan.

LarryK4 said...

Yeah, I'm sure you will.

During Gulf War 1 Amherst did not have the commemorative flags (they were purchased in early summer 2001).

I was indeed a BIG supporter of THAT engagement as were 90% of Americans (many of them too old to actually serve).

Amherst Town Meeting voted unanimously the night before we lit up Baghdad like a Christmas tree, to "continue negotiations with Sadam Hussein"--just another one of the those all too many 'Only in Amherst' moments.

But it actually spurred me to run for Town Meeting at the next election, and I won my seat handily with all of 5 write-in votes, and served in that antiquated body for almost 20 years.

And if you're suggesting I should have enlisted way back then, at the time I was running a (more than) full-time karate school and fighting on the national karate circuit.

What were you doing?

Joseph Moroco said...

Then I was raising kids. I thought that Gulf War I was stupid and when the machinations of Ambassador Glaspie came out, I felt vindicated.

However, I enlisted during the Vietnam war. Requested to be sent there, but the army always denied me that. Something I am grateful for now.

How convenient you were otherwise engaged when others had to fight. No, I'm not suggesting you should have enlisted. I'm suggesting that if you felt it were that important you would have enlisted.

Wow, running for town meeting to show patriotism while others die. What a statement.

LarryK4 said...

Oh, you would be amazed at how many folks run for venerable Amherst Town Meeting in order to "make a statement."

And your thinking the first Gulf War was "stupid" puts you in the decided minority of: A) A unanimous vote of Amherst Town Meeting and B) Just under 10% of (normal) Americans.

Joseph Moroco said...

So what did we get out of Gulf War I?

" you would be amazed at how many folks run for venerable Amherst Town Meeting in order to "make a statement.""

Beats actually serving.

LarryK4 said...

I even hate to think what that sadistic asshole Sadam Hussein would have accomplished if he were allowed to keep Kuwait and all of its lucrative oil.

Joseph Moroco said...

He would have sold the freaking oil. That's why he wanted it.

Not too economically sophisticated, are you lad?

As we say in Boston, wicked shockah!

LarryK4 said...

And as we used to say growing up in Amherst, "No shit Sherlock."

Exactly my point.

Billion here billions there, pretty soon you're talking real money. The kind that can buy on the black market a nuke or two.

Joseph Moroco said...

A nuke or two that he would not have a delivery system for and could only donkey cart into an bordering sandpile.

The billion here, billion there war spending spree we're doing is part of our headlong drive to economic oblivion.

I can't believe you are calling Saddam names. Why he was our beloved ally at onetime.

LarryK4 said...

Oldest saying in that book of War we Chicken hawks love so much: "The enemy of my enemy is my friend."

Joseph Moroco said...

Yeah, that worked out well. For Machiavellians, you guys are not that impressive.

At least you admit you're a chickenhawk.

To paraphrase JM Curley about the Ancient and Honorable Artillery,

Larry and his fellow faux patriots, Invisible in battle, invincible in Amherst.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Let me step daintily around the testosterone spill.

Um, guys: Are either one of you FOR war? I'm thinking neither of you wants anyone from our side killed.

Just a thought from a confessed coward (and peacenik).

Joseph Moroco said...

Careful, if you comment anonymously and are not in full agreement with Larry, he will call you a coward. Does not matter if you are more logical than he is.

Of course, if you completely agree with him, you get the anonymous pass.

I am not sure Larry cares about the safety of his countrymen. There is a bit of necrophilia in people who always need to memorialize the fallen.

As to being for war, well, he certainly supports it as long as he is not part of it.

Moi, I support a truly conservative war policy. The only reason to go to war is defense of hearth and home. Larry and his ilk wouldn't know conservatism if it bit him in the nose. He is a big government liberal and supports the big government boondogle of eternal war.

If there were a draft of middle aged guys, Larry would be more of a pacifist than you.

LarryK4 said...

Geeze Joesph,
Why don't you just start your own blog?

Oh that's right, you did--one nobody reads.

Joseph Moroco said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Joseph Moroco said...

"Oh that's right, you did--one nobody reads."

A prophet is without honor in his own country.

LarryK4 said...

Yeah, you're right up there with Pastor Terry Jones.

Joseph Moroco said...

Good one Larry. I expect nothing less from you. A man devoid of logic like you could only resort to an ad hominem.

Mary E.Carey said...

Love the photo of your little one.