Sunday, July 18, 2010

Satire is hard, stupidity is easy

I think satire and parody require their own special font. Once again we have a "conservative" commenter--Mark Williams-- jumping into deep shit with an idiotic attempt at satire by posting on his blog a letter from a "colored person" to President Lincoln that he penned somehow thinking it was a creative way to counterattack the NAACP that accused his (now former) political organization with being "racist". Yikes!

Be careful how you use the term "colored person," careful how you use President Lincoln and even more careful how you combine the two.

I'm reminded of my young friend Max Karson getting arrested three years ago for comments made the day after the Virginia Tech massacre about how he could see himself doing that. Of course Max made these comments in a "woman's study" class and Max had previously distinguished himself by getting suspended from Amherst Regional High School for writing about masturbation and gayness and god knows what else.

Naturally the Daily Hampshire Gazette (a puppy to the powers that be) editorially supported the draconian reaction of Boulder, Colorado officials, rather than defending the rough and tumble world of the First Amendment.

But yes, if I were in the Tea Party establishment (and it may come as a surprise to some of you that I'm not a card carrying member) I too would have ejected this idiot for what he wrote on his blog. And if it was just fine, why did he delete it--a cardinal sin for bloggers.

The BIG difference is that Max was arrested and faced jail time from government officials in Colorado for exercising his First Amendment rights, this nitwit Williams was axed by the privately run Tea Party.

I'll drink to that.

NY Daily News (a conservative paper) reports

Max Karson retrospective


Anonymous said...

Mark Williams was spokesman for Tea Party Express. He isn't very bright to think acting like a racist is the best way to refute the NAACPs claims that there are racists in the ranks of the Tea Party. From frequent media coverage of Tea Party events its apparent to me there are people with racist attitudes among Tea Party protesters. The PR strategy of denying it seems like a stupid decision. That's two strikes against Williams, neither of them having to do with whether he's racist. Then there was the attitude he brought to the discussions about the issue, it was as if he could care less, instead using the moment to plug his website and book. Its never a good idea to be dismissive of an issue most people take seriously, especially if your job is spokesman. Strike three. VIDEO

LarryK4 said...

Obviously, with the format/style of that blogpost,he was looking for attention. In that sense, mission accomplished.

In martial arts--I learned a long time ago--timing is everything.