Friday, July 30, 2010

Library under fire

No, it's not a First Amendment book banning incident or federal request for a patrons reading habits, this time it is an outright coup d'état, orchestrated by cutthroat Carol--Gray that is--and her band of merry women, otherwise known as the "Evaluation Committee" a subcommittee of the Jones Library Trustees, elected officials who "govern" the library which is separate from the day-to-day management.

Of course this subcommittee will not even allow fellow elected members of the Jones Trustees at their little secret pow wow where they are fine tuning their attack on Jones Library long-time director Bonnie Isman, mainly because she stands in the way of their grab for power.

Kind of like Brutus meeting with his boys in a Roman Senate chamber to secretly sharpen their daggers while awaiting Caesar's arrival.

In fact, the power mad subcommittee seems to think they can invoke a contract clause to fire the director without even bringing it up before the full board of Trustees.

You would think Ms. Gray, a former Public Defender, would have a tad more sympathy for someone she is now putting on the hotseat and prosecuting as though Ms. Isman was a dangerous felon.

It's going to be a lot harder to find capable professional staff in the People's Republic if this travesty is allowed to occur, because management personnel like to manage and not be continually second guessed by volunteer do-gooders who always seem to think they can do a better job.


Anonymous said...

What's that expression? Something about a leopard and its spots?

Anonymous said...


Ugliest town in America.

Anonymous said...

Amherst needs a process for recalling elected officials for just such inappropriate behavior on the part of some of the library trustees.

As it stands now, there is no recourse for the citizens of the town when an elected official over-steps their authority.

not a carol gray fan said...

recall carol gray !!!!!!!
she doesn't know which end is up!!!!!......all she wants is power......look she is always trying to sue the developer on southeast street and loses every time....carol gray is only for carol gray

Anonymous said...

For Carol, she's going from point A to point B, and anything or anyone in the way is road kill.

Anonymous said...

carol gray is a bully. the other two are just nutz and willing to follow here insane lead. someone with a bigger truck going from point C to D might be able to turn her into roadkill.

Max Hartshorne said...

Sorry Larry...this topic is just so boring and round about that I can't read more until you find a new topic to skewer. How about that water temp in the bathroom of a middle school instead?