Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A fitting tribute to Lt. David Pollack, Ph.D.

It has been hung on the wall at North Station since the day Dave graduated. His father accepted his Ph.D. on his behalf on May 22nd.

Dave and his family received a standing ovation from every single person in the Mullins Center... I have never seen anything like it before. Every faculty member, student, family/friend stood and applauded for what seemed like minutes...


Anonymous said...

"It has been hung on the wall at North Station since the day Dave graduated."

....until someone took it down to take this photo

cj said...

It doesn't seem possible that Dave has been gone for a year. What a loss to the world - he would have done so much good. My personal grief is beyond description. Thank you so much to all who remember him and us as time passes by.
David's mom,
Carol Pollack

LarryK4 said...

Exactly what I was thinking.

Men like him are hard to come by, and as a result, impossible to forget.

Anonymous said...

hey anon 7:52

how you feeling now?


Sam said...
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Sam said...


I thank you. For raising such a special and unique son that had an amazing impact on so many of us. To just be an excellent firefighter, or a brilliant researcher, or a gifted teacher, or a loving friend would have been enough. But, somehow you were able to raise a son that was able to do all of those things and more... and at the same time.

I always loved seeing Dave, be at his lab (in his coveted private office), at Ryan's for dinner (for assorted turkey products), at the ABC or Blue Wall for lunch (popcorn chicken), and of course at the station (always Ladder-1). I find it comforting that he is still there at North Station looking out for us.

I feel honored to have known him and truly privileged to be able to call him my friend. I am sure that I speak for many of us in saying that no amount of time will ever diminish the prized memories we have of your son David.

David's friend,

Anonymous said...
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Ry Willey said...

Thanks for honoring Dave we at the fire dept and his peers at UMASS miss him so much. He had a promising career ahead of him and was heading to the US Naval Research Laboratory in Washington D.C.

Sam thanks so eloquently posting the essence of Dave and I am sure Carol and Vince will cherish those words.

To all Anonymous posters my opinion of you has not changed for you are still cowards and will always be. If you mean it sign it.

-Ryan Willey

Anonymous said...
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maryd said...

Dave was a wonderful person and always brought a smile to our faces. He still does as his picture greets us at North.
Our love goes out to the Pollack family.

Shelly Belly said...

Dear Dave,

I miss you an incredible amount. Its hard to sit here next to Sammy who is clearly wondering why I keep wiping my snotty face every 4 seconds HAHA... When morale is low, I try to think of some of your inspiring cheerful words that get me smiling again. Well, you did it once again, cause I thought of the turkey-banana dessert! Got you good! You definately topped me with the 'Racing with Jesus' Car too! That had me in hysterics! Well, I saw my very first snowflake last week and I thought of you during our lovely ride last year in the Engine. Hope all is well & your keeping order there LT. Keep an eye on the rest of my brothers and I'll keep you in my heart.


*(thank you to Larry K for the Tribute to DVP)*

Ed said...

I am still trying to get the BS degree for the fallen Marine.

You all know who I mean.