Friday, December 4, 2009

Come all ye faithful

So last evening, for a few moments anyway, the seriousness of world and national events--more troops in Afghanistan, Tiger Woods indiscretion, party crashers at the White House--were forgotten. Drown out by a chorus of Christmas songs.


dominique said...

I was amazed to hear snippets of actual Christmas carols (Joy to the World, for example) as the band passed by my workplace last night. That was nice. Later in the evening, on the way home from dinner, we drove by the common to see the Merry Maple lit. But it was dark. Only the merry saplings had lights on them. I guess the Merry Maple has been set aside, "resigned", or "retired" in favor of younger, less expensive trees. Sad.

Anonymous said...

Hey dom,
Didn't you leaARn anything from Charlie Brown Xmas? The size of your tree doesn't matter, it's all about the spirit of the season within each of us. I thought the MS carolers were awesome. They did Channukah, KwaNza and Christmas songs.

cinda said...

this year we are swinging around harry shafter's festivus pole.

no fees.

Dan said...

come on larry, spirit of PC, "non denominational holiday themed celebration-spirited maple"