Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Innocence restored

So I’m sorry my Conservative friends, but have we lost our humanity?

These two 'Guantanamo Guys'--at least according to Federal officials charged with protecting us (although they did do a lousy job that awful morning)--proclaim them “cleared”. They did not do a God damned thing on 9/11. Their only crime is wearing cotton on their head, the pallor of their skin or the accent of their spoken language.

No tax money will be involved if the two men should relocate to Amherst; and--ONCE AGAIN-- the Federal government has cleared them, so they are NOT a threat to local citizens.

Strangely, at the beginning of this Select Board meeting Princess Stephanie voted in favor of two resolutions: one supporting "Climate Action Day" (A global warming thing) and another supporting/promoting "United Nations Day," neither of which are local issues.

My original take over a month ago

Boston Globe picks up the story

Of course what is also hyper-hypocritical from Princess Stephanie is that she tells the venerable Boston Globe that "It was just my luck that two of us were absent,"(meaning her pawns Select Board members Alisa Brewer and Aaron Hayden) but two months ago in discussing flying the AMERICAN flags on 9/11 she said the decision (knowing I will come before them next year and the year after that to ask for the flags to fly) should not be "an issue for which the outcome should be politicized by making it dependent on the attendance at a meeting or the make up of the board. Etc."


NRC said...

Unless this is the most sarcastic post you have ever made, it is the best post you have ever made.

LarryK4 said...

I believe in "God bless America", and,"Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free."

Anonymous said...

Way to go Larry!

-Your (Conservative, Green, Liberal ;-) Friend

Anonymous said...

This isn't about fear or justice, it's about Amherst's obsession with 1 in 10ers:


It's worth the gamble though.

Isn't it?

Anonymous said...

They can't be "cleared". According, to the REAL ID act foreign aliens cannot be admitted to the US if they have either been members of a terrorist group or have received training in terrorist training camps.

LarryK4 said...

Fine. The warrant article clearly says "cleared". If they are not cleared for the reasons you mention then there's nothing to worry about.

But what if they have not been members of a terrorist group or received training in a terrorist training camp?

Ed said...

Larry, I seem to remember that the vehicle abandoned in Logan by some of the 9-11 perps had been known to be traveling to Amherst in the weeks before that henious act.

This was all mentioned in the media.

So lets have some more potential terrorsts being cultivated out here in the hophead valley and maybe we can have a few more of our big buildings blown up.

I say the govt actually knows what it is doing sometimes, and instead of simply shooting these folk on the battlefield (as John Kerry did, shooting someone in the BACK), it did the humane thing of taking them prisoner.

I say let Castro have these folk...

Anonymous said...

He can make money on the Amherst speaking circuit, he can talk about his camping experience and his meeting with world leaders:


Anonymous said...

OK, I appreciate that you posted the original take on this article.

I must say that I've changed my mind about the warrant article from the unfortunate comment that I originally made, and I regret having made it.

This article is different. It's NOT about presuming to instruct the US government on foreign policy.

I know that you've been harsh toward Ms. O'Keeffe lately based on her professional background, but I don't think that should be where the focus is. Rather I think some more careful examination of her thought process here (and its limitations) is in order. Whatever twittering she is doing has taken her internet activity right off of my radar screen.

It appears that a certain group of officeholders in town (call it the Tierkel Coalition, for lack of a better name) are pulling the government pendulum so far toward their supposed vision of pragmatism that they are starting to miss things. I think this is an understandable accompaniment to the bean-counting mentality that comes with our current fiscal austerity. But perhaps Stephanie and Company (and I guess she thought Brewer and Hayden were going to dutifully tag along in opposition) are getting just a little too hard-boiled.

A little idealism, even for an hour or so of Town Meeting, is not a bad thing.

I think that Stephanie has made a mistake here.

Rich Morse

LarryK4 said...

That's why you are a bigger man than I Mr. Morse.

Yeah, Stephanie is making a BIG mistake by giving up on her blog.

Anonymous said...


Amherst is full of morons who make BIG mistakes.

Isn't it?

Anonymous said...