Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Lazy summer day

Yesterday: 7:00 PM

One of Amherst's "loved to death" treasures (kind of like Free Speech.)

The Springfield Republican reports:


Anonymous said...

white homophobic males smell bad in a metaphorical way.

Anonymous said...

"loved to death"

This must be a slow local news cycle. I've been reading this same article for 40 years and Puffer's is still there and just fine. Yes, some money should be raised to spruce it up a bit and to keep paths from eroding, etc., but it's not like it's exactly running out of water.

Ry Willey said...

My wife and I enjoy a leisurely kayak paddle on this jewel hidden in North Amherst.


LarryK4 said...

Hey Ryan,
Yeah that's what we all were doing there last night. And we had a ball.

Now a kayak is on my list for Donna's upcoming birthday.

Realist said...

One of the other great "hidden treasures" w/in Amherst lies just north of Puffer's Pond - try hiking Cushman Brook sometime with your kids...they'll love it! (and so will you)

BTW - thanks for changing blog threads...that last one was getting waaayyy out of hand!

LarryK4 said...

Will do. Maybe this weekend.

I try to blog the way I trained for national competitions: alternating days between heavy and not-so-heavy.

Anonymous said...

"Loved to death"

Sounds like a documentary about gay men.

Cav said...

coward @ 7:22 said: "Loved to death" Sounds like a documentary about gay men.

I know a girl who will date you.

Ry Willey said...
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Anonymous said...

I have to say, as someone who has enjoyed Puffer's for 17 or so years now, THE BEAVERS HAVE TO GO!!!! They have caused far more destruction at Puffer's than people have in the last 5-8 years!!!