Friday, July 17, 2009

Fast turnaround (Joys of dealing with the Private Sector)

A week from dirt to pavement, not bad.

Last week


Anonymous said...

another benefit of big government, paved roads.

LarryK4 said...

Some things they, sort of, do right.

Anonymous said...

This was a joint effort of the Amherst DPublicW and WarnerBros (private). Same team did the part of
E.Pleasant btw Triangle and Strong. WarnerBros also did a great job with "mosaic" asphalt repairs on the
NorwottuckRailTrail last summer. Please thank them next you walk or bike or drive by.


Anonymous said...

proves the dpw workers are slow and lazy with no incentive to work hard.

rather they are de-incentivised by their bosses...."don't work so hard it makes the rest of us look bad" mentality.

LarryK4 said...

Now, now.

The DPW folks work as hard if not harder than anybody who has the luxury of a salary (which of course small business owners do not.)

And yes Mr. Kusner they did a great job. Hence my point: the DPW should do basic repair and maintaine and new construction should be handled by the private sector.

Like the sidewalks for instance.

The state two years ago contracted out snow/ice removal for Rt. 116 from town center to Atkins to local private company Taylor Davis. Now the DPW does it (at great cost to taxpayers).

grapes of wrath said...

too many comments are made without substantiating facts.