Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Even in Amherst

10:30 AM
Of course if McCain wins somebody will need to call out the National Guard for this Amherst abode.


ARHS '76 said...

The idea that Amherst residents would take it out on other Amherst residents using violence is preposterous (and irresponsible of you to say so.)

I hope you agree that if McCain wins and if there are signs of voter fraud, it should be investigated and corrected.

LarryK4 said...

Lighten up my friend it was, you know, a joke.

Yeah, Amherst's politically active residents are sooooo touchy-feely, anti-violent, tree-hugers...until they do not get their uber-liberal way.

Remember the organized gang that stole and destroyed about a 100 anti-override signs two years ago?

If McCain wins and there are signs of voter fraud it should indeed be investigated and corrected; if Obama wins and there are signs of voter fraud it also should be investigated and corrected.

Sam said...

Give me a break.

It isn't irresponsible of Larry to say what he said. There have been cases in Amherst where residents who were holding signs against another override were verbally assaulted by those who had Yes override signs. And I've seen it from the "no war" people too; going after a vet who wore his uniform in public.

So don't think that Amherst is all light and happiness; it isn't. So many people are silent because they are afraid of being brow beaten by those with a more liberal attitude.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like people are kind of edgy...now that McCain's gonna lose.

ARHS '76 said...

Verbally assault and violence are completely different and not comparable.

One is a right, rude and unproductive certainly but a right nonetheless, and the other is a crime.

Anonymous said...

"So many people are silent because they are afraid of being brow beaten by those with a more liberal attitude."

This is EXACTLY the problem. Are you really so afraid of a little brow beating?!! Silence from the right has killed Amherst. Stop being such cowards.


Anonymous said...

You're an irresponsible cad, Larry Kelley. Residents of Amherst never commit acts of violence against one another.

For shame.

People who actually believe that should never, ever read the police log in the Amherst Bulletin.

Anonymous said...

"Stop being such cowards" said anonymous. Thats the pot calling the kettle black! The brow beating exists over every little thing here. Its nice when you figure out who else is ok to talk to here without total rightousness erupting.
Darn right I don't sign my name.