Sunday, November 16, 2008

And so it grows

So you know how that concealed area of your humble abode tends to attract clutter --that then exponentially increases the rate of accumulated crap? Or that tucked away inner city open lot where a midnight dumper unloads their crap and the city does nothing about it, and soon thereafter others pile on and it looks like the local landfill?

Yeah, well the People’s Republic of Amherst decided that the DPW would be the bone yard for dead carbon producing internal combustion vehicles –at least until they can sell them off as scrap for pennies on the dollar.

Now if this were a bedroom neighborhood (and since there are three private homes within sight lines, it is) you just know a NIMBY neighbor would complain to the Planning Board, or Zoning Board who would then sick their enforcer—the Building Inspector—on the offender for storing unregistered vehicles without a junk-yard or used-car sales permit.

And yeah, I just happen to be one of those homes. And no, this really doesn’t offend me in the least…on most levels (as the DPW is as good a neighbor as you could ask for). I just don’t like the “Do as I say, not as I do” aspect (which comes from 'Powers That Be' slightly higher than the DPW)

Thursday, 11/13/08


Ed Cutting said...

Two questions:

First, how did they manage to damage the pickup truck? Looks almost like it got rolled and how does one do that just in Amherst and not in the wintertime?

Second, how does one bid on it? I might just be able to use the vehicle for fishing operations (not scrap) and would pay accordingly...

LarryK4 said...

Well, unlike the Van the pickup truck is actually pretty old (I jumped in this afternoon but the odometer was not working).

It came from a Mass Turnpike Surplus Auction (where taxpayers spend $1 million per mile in upkeep costs) so unlike the Van did not cost us townies all that much.

The School department is bringing some wrecks over as well, so there's still time to figure out how to bid on them (the Van has been sitting since April).

Ebay maybe?

Anonymous said...


Get a picture of the school dept wrecks and I will tell you ALL about them.