Friday, July 11, 2008

Only in America (There's a place for us)

At 4:35 PM this afternoon, as she was carried off Continental Flight 88 from Beijing in New Jersey’s Liberty Airport, Jada Kelley became an official All American Girl.


maryd said...

YEAH! Welcome home!
It has been wonderful to follow along on your journey. Thank you for sharing it with us.

O'Reilly said...

This is a big change for all four of you. All the best! Enjoy.

um... it won't be long before they're teenagers and, as if by magic, you'll have become unconscionably stupid and then, at some point in the future after that, you will transform magically again into a man whose capacity to love is matched only by his capacity to be sagacious. ;-)

Welcome home LK.

Helen said...

Welcome back! And a big Welcome to Jada as a new citizen!

LarryK4 said...

Thanks folks. It's ever-so-good to be home. Well, New Jersey is not technically home but it but it is still the good old USA.

Driving to Virginia later this afternoon to take a few days R+R and they may not have internet.

But should be back in the People's Republic of Amherst by Wednesday.

O'Reilly said...

Virginia!? Please say "hi" to Sen James Webb and thank him for the excellent work he did on the GI Bill, which was passed while you were away.

It was Webb's bill and he got it done, no thanks to George Bush or John McCain both of whom opposed it, inexplicably, and yet both took credit for it when it passed, dishonestly.

McCain was warned he would pay a political price for not supporting the new GI Bill and he did not support it anyway. What I cannot understand is why he would take that side in the first place.

We promise young men and women a college education if they enlist and do their duty (just watch the ads on tv) , and then we nickel and dime them when they get out. It was a sham, until the Webb Bill passed, no thanks to Bush or McCain.

Mary E.Carey said...

Welcome back, Larry! Looking forward to following the adventures of Jada and Kira in Amherst.

LarryK4 said...

Thanks Mary,
Yeah, Amherst will be full of adventures for the two sisters.

And now I can get back to politics.

Anonymous said...

Hi Larry,I really enjoyed following you in China. your posts were really interesting!
Jada is adorable!!!

LarryK4 said...

Thanks, Anon (remember all you Anon's try to add some name or other at the end of your comment so I can tell you apart)

She is beyond adorable! But you should hear her scream/wail at 3:00 AM (she must be part Irish Banshee)