Thursday, July 17, 2008

Battle of the Blogs

Will the Town Manager’s new blog become the ‘Air America’ of the blogosphere?

Yeah, when insiders figured out just how politically powerful conservative talk radio had become, suddenly the Libs thought “I can do that”.

Except they did it very poorly. As in BORING!

And the problem with bureaucrats is they don’t wish to offend ANYBODY, and as a result usually sound like a Daily Hampshire Gazette editorial: “On the one hand; but, on the other hand…”

Still, I can’t wait until the Town Mangler steps up to the plate (where I tend to throw bullet-like fastballs, low and inside)

Bully article


anonymous said...

Where the story or is it just making the rounds word of mouth?

LarryK4 said...

Front page (above the fold) of today's Amherst Bulletin.

I lost the cable to my digital camera so I can't post a photo of it. But whenever they manage to upload to the net I will post a link.

Anonymous said...

Ever listen to Tom Harman or Stephanie Miller on Air America? You may not agree with them but they're not boring.

maryd said...

It's up

This may be interesting!

LarryK4 said...

Maybe. But we have seen this all before: Catherine Sanderson or Alisa Brewer for town officials, or even the Daily Hampshire Gazette for that matter.

All now stinking up the blogosphere.

Anonymous said...

There are some interesting due process issues - particuarly when the town manager is not an elected official.

Should he be stupid enough to set policy via blog, watch for the lawsuits. Or due process claims, particuarly from UM students.

Actually, I think the first time he actually writes about the UM students, we got him because he is acting outside his scope as a manager and thus can be sued by the LSO office.

Could be fun....

Anonymous said...

For an example of what will happen - and how long it will last - see an example from a similar community:

Difference is that the UM students increasingly have parents who like to sue. Untold story about the various "riots" is that no student who ever contested the charges has ever lost in court, AND in every one of the subsequent civil suits filed afterwards UMass (and Amherst) has quietly settled out of court. The Graduate Voice wrote an article, naming names, on a few of these suits.

Anonymous said...

Complete URL:

You gotta cut & paste it in.

Alisa V. Brewer said...

Please give Stephanie O'Keeffe kudos for managing to keep her blog interesting without messing up her ability to function on the Select Board -- *I* just couldn't figure out how to do it!