Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Gov came calling

So I checked out the Governor’s public happening in the People’s Republic of Amherst (located west of I-495 otherwise known as “the boonies.”) The affair was scheduled from 2:00 to 3:30 so I arrived with my new young daughter just after 3:00 PM hoping maybe for a Photo Op with the Gov.

A can’t miss combo: Handsome black dude, adorably cute Chinese baby girl--probably the most recent US citizen in the state (almost certainly in the town of Amherst.)

But he was pretty tied up sitting at the head table flanked on both sides by attentive aids otherwise known as his cabinet. And most of the speakers—A Hadley Select Man, a Greenfield Mayor, or a South Hadley Select Woman—spoke at him rather than to him.

And of course, everybody wanted more money.

The room was beyond packed—probably 175 or more (probably a fire code violation) with many standing along the perimeter. A half hour after the scheduled finish they were still going at it.

Jada started to squirm and then whimper, and I knew banshee bellowing was not too far behind, so we left.

But yeah, it was indeed good of the Governor to stop by. Although I have to wonder if maybe he could have learned a lot more with a lot less investment of time and tax money if he simply invited an Amherst DPW worker, firefighter or cop (off duty of course) out for a beer or two.

Yeah, when you Da Man you can park anywhere

And in case you did not know he was Da Man


Tony said...

Heh, hard to take a steady shot, with a restless kid in your arm, huh?

LarryK4 said...

Yeah, I tried balancing the camera on her head but...

Anonymous said...

You know, the duty of the MSP detail is to protect him, and the rationale for having the car illegally parked is so that they can get him out of there in a hurry if there is trouble.

So, like, umm, don't you have your car pointing OUT (toward Kellogg Ave) and not pointing in toward the parking garage?

Gotta wonder. Gotta also wonder how many other folks are going to photoshop that "official business" window decal.

Anonymous said...

Deval and a common man with alcohol present -- good lord, the DPW guy or cop or even teacher has to work for a living. And might just say what he thought and then might just say what he thought about Deval....

LarryK4 said...

I'm so common I don't even know what a Caddy looks like. I was told the Gov's black caddy was also parked (illegally) nearby but I missed it.

I had just assumed he helicoptered up from Boston.

Anonymous said...

Who cares where he parked his car? Haven't you heard? You can park any place you'd like in Amherst as long as you have you hazards on.

Crosswalks, sidewalks, hydrants, flower beds, in front of the fire station doors, I even saw someone park INSIDE the Main St./Amity St. intersection. Just put on your hazards and it makes it all ok.