Thursday, June 26, 2008

You got that right!

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So I’m glad the Bully showed some journalistic integrity (about time!) by making the July 4’th Parade turnaround article the banner lead and Ms. Awad’s crying wolf story--although still Above The Fold--a bit less hyped.

Although that hardly neutralizes the AP national wire distribution of the story on Tuesday morning, insinuating I was a “stalker”.

And even if they did play it up as the TOP news story of the week, it would not matter all that much because faithful Bulletin readers will remember that Awad and Hubley lied to them a month ago in a Letter claiming they revoked the Homestead on the South Hadley mansion and reinstated it on their tiny (up for sale) Amherst condo.

Gotta Love this Letter in the same edition

Well…I meant the one from Mr. Souweine (owner of the “House” made famous by Tracy Kidder) but Mr. Rivard’s lead letter is also equally sagacious.


a noon - e - mouse said...

Listen to the ACLU
Jonathan Z. Souweine

a noon - e - mouse said...

Larry, I agree with Jonathan on many points. I wondered if he wrote this letter before of after Monday's Select Board meeting.

LarryK4 said...

Yes, he would have had to because the deadline for Letter's publication in the Amherst bulletin is Monday morning 9:00 am.

That deadline tripped up Awad/Hubley over a month ago because they would have submitted their Letter prior to them knowing that, with this being 2008, folks could easily access records at the Secretary of State's office via the internet (that readers of this blog did) to discover their lies about the Homestead declaration.

a noon - e - mouse said...

After further investigation my question is moot.

I thought Jonathan Z. Souweine must have written the letter prior to Monday (and the Select Board resolution to give the Parade Committee a permit for 7/4/9) because he was exhorting town government to listen to the ACLU and explaining why they ought to.

Then I saw this in the Bulletin: Shaffer said that unless the private committee allows free speech in next year's parade, fire trucks and police cruisers cannot participate, and individual public safety officers can march only on their own time. He said the Select Board's unanimous vote to give the committee a time slot on July 4, 2009, doesn't guarantee that it will happen, and said he hopes to continue the discussion with the organizers.

Even though the Select Board resolved to give the Parade Committee the permit, Shaffer says no, not guaranteed.

On this issue, the town manager's authority is at its weakest when the Select Board has voted on the issue and is going in the opposite direction.

LarryK4 said...

Yeah, well now you know why I call him ‘Boss Hogg’.