Thursday, June 5, 2008

Stein speaks

In a message dated 6/2/08 12:05:58 PM, writes:

So, you would like the town to spend the $ for a special election when if
she waits until with 90 days of the Sept primary, it can cost nothing

In a message dated 6/2/08 2:01:02 PM, Amherst AC writes:

My understanding is it will still cost money even if it is placed on the September primary ballot but just not as much as the 12-K for a stand alone election. Yes, I would much prefer it be done on the September primary ballot. But, either way: she needs to step down as of June 10'th.

In a message dated 6/3/08 9:42:11 AM, writes:

It will be a loss to the Town no matter when she steps down as she
has served the longest and remembers the background for issues that the rest of us do not have institutional memory about. That recall of issues can save us money and time.

In a message dated 6/3/08 10:12:05 AM, Amherst AC writes:

Hey Diana,

My institutional memory goes back twenty-five years. My family's goes back five generations. Her 8 years is but a drop in the bucket.

In a message dated 6/3/08 10:54:17 AM, writes:

But you haven't served on the SB during the last 8 years which is
what I was referring to. Serving sharpens one's memory about related
issues. And I have lived here since 1964.

In a message dated 6/3/08 11:07:15 AM, Amherst AC writes:

Hey Diana,

Then you can always call Bryan Harvey who served forever. The landscape is littered with folks around who have served on the SB (Judy Brooks, God forbid--Harry Brooks--or Carl Seppala, etc) who would probably be open to giving advice if asked.

What you need to now consider is the image and credibility of this office to which you have ever so recently been elected.

In a message dated 6/3/08 11:38:20 AM, writes:

Hi Larry,
I know many of the former SB members. But having someone there
while we discuss issues who brings forward relevant info from the past is very different from my calling up someone and asking. Sometimes it is not clear what questions should be asked until Anne brings up an important point.

In a message dated 6/3/08 12:56:38 PM, Amherst AC writes:

Hey Diana,
Well then I guess you will just miss her when she's gone. But get used to it--because she will be gone with the wind very soon now.


Max Hartshorne said...

You're torturing them again Larry, you're evil and yes you need to go to confession right now.

Hey Tommy D made the Advocate. Another famous blogger.

LarryK4 said...

Hey Max,
It's a Martial Arts concept: death of a 1,000 cuts (or maybe it was an Indian--oops I mean native American thing).

Yeah, Tommy even makes a little $ once in while with his words (although I doubt the Advocate is a big spender with freelancers).

O'Reilly said...

That's a good one: "You need to go to confession right now." Is that a reference to Mother Mary or Sister Mary Elephant?

My impression is that D Stein votes on issues in a way that suits me although I ought to pay a little more attention before I declare it so. Anyway, she's the swing vote in a 3-2 decision so don't alienate her.

Ms Stein has noticed that Ms Awad has relevant details at her fingertips and therefore would prefer Ms Awad to stay on longer, which is a reasonable desire IF Ms Awad is eligible for office.

From reading the Gazette, we know Ms Awad and Mr Weiss were two SB members who voted against approving an Amherst College project to install a conduit under a street, because the they don't like the way our Public Works department prioritizes street repavement. I fail to see why you would obstruct Amherst College, who by law must repave what they dig up, because you don't like your own Public Works director's priorities. Stein saw the situation for what it is, and voted yes for approval. Kudos to Stein for a REASONABLE and REASONED decision.

LarryK4 said...

Hey o'reilly,
You know me, the last thing I try to do is alienate anyone...Ummm, or, maybe, the second-to-last thing.

Yeah, there's most certainly hope for Diana Stein (notice I have not made up a nickname for her, or Stephanie or Alisa)

O'Reilly said...

How did the new T-shirt go over?

Also, if town meeting communications are being sent on the listserv, for example if someone on the Select Board uses it to communicate to TM members, then alternative provisions must be made to communicate that info to people who have been banned from the listserv for mentioning names, otherwise the SB is not meeting it obligation to communicate publicly with all TM members.

LarryK4 said...

Duh! Town Meeting did not meet last night. Apparently they finished up everything on Monday except for the $400,000 land sale they are trying to railroad through and that will be taken up next Wednesday the 11'th.

During his rant yesterday Mr. Hubley even yelled that I had "left early". I’m sure Frank Wells cat never left early.

But my wife is still in Denver and the Athletic Club closes at 9:00 and although Kira has become a gym rat, I still had to get her by closing time.

Fortunately one of my readers headed me off before I showed up in my cool new T-shirt with nobody there to appreciate it. (If a tree falls in the forest and no reporters are present then it does not make a sound)

Gavin Andresen said...


Anybody can READ the TM mailing list (it's a public Yahoo Group); I'm guessing Larry's only been banned from posting to the list.

Most people self-ban (they get tired of the occasional endless discussions that resolve nothing, and unsubscribe).

LarryK4 said...

Yeah, and it can get pretty crusty. As in no messages for months at a time. Five years ago it was relevant and probably made a difference in the Charter debate (Mother Mary admits she created the listserve to oppose the forces of change).

Next time it will be overwhelmed by the power of the blog.

Anonymous said...

If Diana Stein's argument for keeping Anne Awad is to preserve institutional memory, then why have a democracy or hold any election? That is remarkably similar to other more notorious "People's Republics".

We just need to return to the simpler days of Lordships, Czars, Royalty or Commissars.

Strange that an "intelligent" person would even venture into this debate with you. Sure speaks volumes about the SB and Amherst's leadership.

O'Reilly said...

Anon, It's hard to tell who you are slighting.

"Strange that an "intelligent" person would even venture into this debate with you."

Maybe it's a two-fer but what do I know.

LarryK4 said...

I took no offense.