Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Let the trial begin

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Not only do I want the two of them gone from Amherst elected “public service”; but I also do not want either of them to be able to vote on their replacements. And apparently Ms. Awad’s Select Board seat will be filled this September 16. Mr. Hubley has yet to resign his Town Meeting seat, but that body is pretty negligible.

So let’s hold the Board of Registrars investigative hearing to decide their residency (especially since they will be placed under oath—not a requirement to pen a lying Letter To The Editor of the Amherst Bulletin).

And when they are proven to be South Hadley residents, then not only can they not hold local office but also they can also not vote in an Amherst precinct.


anonymous said...

How will the board weigh the evidence?

a.Possession of title for South East Street Condo and

b.condo listed on the real estate market for sale

c.voter registration tied to condo address


d. Declaration of Homestead on "recently" purchsed South Hadley residence that requires the home to be a primary residence by law

e. mortgage requirement that South Hadley residence be owner occupied

Additional questions

1. Where does the mail go?

2. Can the registered voter's address of record be found to be no longer current and if so, does that void the voter registration?

3. Can the board decide that the voter registration is current even if the voter does not live there, has vacated it for another residence, in other words, does residency simply mean owning a property zoned for residences or must voter live there?

LarryK4 said...

Yeah, well let's hope they read this blog: all good questions.

Anonymous said...

Now I, for one, think that this campaign against these two people has gone too far.

She's resigned. It's over.

Someone else who reads this blog must agree with me.

Have we no sense of decency?

Rich Morse

anonymous said...

It's not the residency requirement, its the brazen cover-up.

LarryK4 said...

Surely as a public prosecutor Mr. Morse, you understand the term “sympathetic victim” (or "witness")

She sure as Hell is neither!

And if she had any sense of "decency," she would not have lied to the readers of the Amherst Bulletin about the Homestead declaration.

anonymous said...

Your reaction to Awad and Hubley's alleged mendacity - lying about their residency - is an act you seem to take quite personally. And while no one appreciates the lack of respect inherent in being lied to, maybe their alleged lying is not about you at all but really much more about them. I suppose the wheels are already in motion on the hearing... Will you rest when the hearing is over or does your answer depend on the outcome?

LarryK4 said...

Yeah, I took it personally when Nixon lied, so I also take their lies personally.

Actually I will be in China on July 3'rd so I will miss the hearing, as I will be bringing back to Amherst another citizen. So we lose two--Hubley and Awad--but gain one, Jada.

If the hearing is not above board in EVERY way, I will appeal it to the Attorney General. They already stated in a letter that they would not get involved "at this time".

So let's see how this plays out.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Mr ADA:

Lets say I am drunk out of my mind and one of the boys 'n' blue bring this fact to my attention. They arrest me and tow my car. And the next morning I feel terrible about it and all.

And now you want to prosecute me? Sir, have YOU no decency? I am no longer driving drunk (at least not right now), the cops have stopped me, and now it is over.

So why should you prosecute me for somethng that I am not doing anymore????

Answer THAT, Mr. Prosecutor, and then we can ask Larry to answer the same question....

LarryK4 said...


But if he answers I will

a noon - e - mouse said...

I think Mr. Morse is just calling for civility, and he may have been over the top in framing it as decency (indecency really) but having said that, I'll leave it to him to speak for himself.

I think a lot of people, not just Mr Morse, are disturbed by the tone and duration of the conflict. Mostly, they desire a constructive (not destructive) political dialogue...

...until the issue is one they're advocating from a principled position and so much is at stake... at which point the tone and duration become less of a issue.

Manner goes a long way. You can say just about anything as long as it has the right tone.

LarryK4 said...


For instance Alisa Brewer on Monday night said she really did not want the town to put on a July 4 Parade next year but that the private Parade Committee should not have use of town vehicles (police and fire) in 2009 either, due to budget reasons.

Fair enough. And she's allowed the private Parade committee over a year to deal with it.

A far cry from the Town Manager's use of pulling Police and Fire vehicles a couple months back as a bullying bargaining point.

I too am disturbed by the “tone and duration” (especially being branded as a “stalker” on the AP national wire) of this residency tempest in a teapot.

So let’s be done with it. All they need do between now and July 3 is go to South Hadley Town Hall and register to vote. After all, she finally admitted publicly that they ARE moving to South Hadley.

End of story. And a happy ending at that.

Anonymous said...

When a man has to admit he was wrong, it's hard to know where to post it. But I have to admit that I was wrong, so here goes.

I thought that a retirement component to Ms. Awad's recent SB maneuvers was simply the dark late-night imaginings of one of the Anonymouses on this blog. As Mary Carey's carefully attentive article in today's Gazette reveals, Ms. Awad has been working that front with the assistance of a lawyer.

I just don't understand it.

Rich Morse

Anonymous said...

Rich, You finally made a mistake? Everyone does... but not everyone owns up to it.

I can't wait to read the article. Do you have a link?

Anonymous said...

And as to Ms. Awad's HEALTH INSURANCE????

If one retires from a subdivision of the Commonwealth (including, I believe, the Town of Amherst), one is entitled to participate in the Commonwealth's GIC insurance (Group Insurance Commission) - which is very good health care at a much better price than the "connector."

This is particularly of interest to those under age 65 and not yet eligible for Medicare.

Oh, and yes, it is expensive to the town....

Gotta wonder.....

Anonymous said...

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