Tuesday, July 22, 2014

"Of All Places ..."

Fellow UMass journo -- and one of my favorite columnists -- Kevin Cullen seems to have run afoul of UMass cheerleaders with his latest column about a "stupid college kid" who made the grave mistake of aiding and abetting the current poster boy for satanic terrorists, Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev.

Three little words were spiked after initial publication.

Obviously when you talk about an uber rich guy sending his son to "elite schools" but then when it comes time for college sends him to "of all places" UMass Dartmouth, it kind of sends the message that it's not exactly the same as an "elite school."  Which of course it's not.

But you can't say that.   In the venerable Boston Globe.  Apparently.


Anonymous said...

Larry, there is a question that needs to be asked -- are you brave enough to ask it?

UMass Dartmouth has an even more Orwellian Star Chamber than UMass Amherst does -- they track & pursue any student whom anyone reports as being potentially dangerous -- co-mingling realistic concerns, baseless paranoia and malicious defamation.

Remember when someone was fighting with someone else over something involving the ACTV station and someone called the FBI and said that an Iraqi-born UM Professor (who earned all his degrees at Bagdad U)was a terrorist?

What these ACT groups are doing is far worse than this, they are twisting the statements of students into meanings beyond comprehension -- I got into trouble for quoting the King James Bible! Yes Larry, the Bible -- and Exodus 22.2 isn't exactly one of the more extreme passages...

Yet they ignore Muslim students and what they are saying! Why they do should be asked -- if you go after a Christian student for a relatively mild Biblical passage, shouldn't you also go after the Muslim student for more extreme Koran passages?

Do you honestly think these boys weren't talking about this stuff? Do you honestly think that people weren't aware of that? So why didn't UMD's ACT act? Why?

Anonymous said...

But I thought that the Globe hated UMass.

And we all know that UMass Dartmouth is the system's viper's nest of patronage.