Wednesday, July 9, 2014

DUI Dishonor Roll

The most frequently recorded BAC level among drinking drivers in fatal crashes (10,322 in 2012) was 0.16

Amherst police arrested Tarah A Liewellyn, age 25, not far from Amherst town center early Monday morning "driving" a deadly weapon with a Blood Alcohol Content more than three times the legal limit.

And it was Ms. Liewellyn's second dui offense.  Her case was continued until August 7, and she was released on $250 cash bail.

Tarah Liewellyn, age 25, stands before Judge Christopher LoConto Tuesday morning

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Anonymous said...

If her pattern continues, her next DUI will be November 9th

Anonymous said...

a 0.28? THATS workin' it. I'm thinking she may have a problem...